Kendall Ivie

Kendall Ivie

Staff Writer

Kendall Ivie is a journalism senior from Greenwood, Texas. She loves Austin because of the active lifestyle and unique culture. Kendall has many interests and loves getting to know new people and places. She hopes to travel after graduaton and have a job that allows her to be free from a cubical. 

This is Kendall's first semester with Longhorn Life. You can find her on Twitter here.

Located directly inside the Butler School Of Music is a recording studio that allows some of that talent to shine.  


Don’t fret over high dollar restaurants, get creative and dine in for your next special occasion.

Classic holiday movies will always have a place in our hearts, and no holiday would feel complete without them.

KVRX, UT’s student-run radio station, has always embraced their mission to play ‘none of the hits, all of the time.’ With multiple talk shows, DJs and blogs, KVRX is always eager to find new music and feature underground bands.

A program that teaches you how to train and cook, such as CrossFit, can help enhance your performance and health.

If there’s anything that gets Longhorn fans as fired up as Texas football, it’s Texas-sized tailgating.