Kritika Kulshrestha

Staff Writer

Summer is just around the corner, and glorious weather accompanied by some lip-smacking barbecue is the perfect way to begin the sunny day.

There is no single diet for weight loss, according to Victoria Jarzabkowski, a registered dietitian and the nutrition program coordinator at UT’s Fitness Institute of Texas.

There is no one way to sleep correctly, as long as one gets a minimum of six hours of sleep during any 24-hour period of time, according to Patricia Carter, an associate professor in UT’s School of Nursing.

Start-ups are more art than science at the Longhorn Startup Studio.

With people looking to experiment with their food and their willingness to try out new places, food delivery services make dining quick, convenient and hassle-free. 

Each fall, hordes of international students from distant countries such as India, China, Korea and other nations begin their undergraduate and graduate studies in universities across the U.S. International students go through a long process of applying to various universities, selecting a university, obtaining the necessary U.S. visa and securing the right housing.