Nathalie Lumang

Nathalie Lumang


Nathalie Lumang is a senior magazine journalism major. Originally from Brownsville, Texas, she enjoys watching movies, writing and babysitting. This is her second semester working for Longhorn Life.

She loves how diverse Austin is, especially because it means there are so many different types of food to try. In the future, Nathalie would like to travel to lots of different places outside the U.S. and do some freelance writing.

"Sanger Learning Center is UT Austin's main resource for academic support. Each year we help more than 10,000 students achieve their academic potential."

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  If you’ve passed by the Texas Union lately, you’ve likely noticed men in hard hats and heard late-night construction. Renovations for this historical building have been underway since May 2011 and are now just a couple of months away from completion.