KVRX brings you 'none of the hits, all of the time'

Photo Credit: Kendall Ivie

KVRX, UT’s student-run radio station, has always embraced their mission to play ‘none of the hits, all of the time.’ With multiple talk shows, DJs and blogs, KVRX is always eager to find new music and feature underground bands.

Excitement rolls around this November as KVRX anticipates and prepares for Austin’s own Fun Fun Fun Fest. Beginning in 2006, FFF Fest has been known for its creative, relaxed and unique atmosphere. Celebrating underground musicians, comedians, food and action sports, FFF Fest is one festival the KVRX staff could never miss.

"I would say most of the Fun Fun Fun Fest lineup is people we end up playing on the radio just by nature of our own listening habits, which is also why we get so excited about Fun Fest,” said KVRX Station Manager Joe Aragon.

Growing up in Austin, Aragon began listening to KVRX when he was in high school. He was attracted to the idea of listening to music he couldn’t hear anywhere else, and has been hooked on the station ever since.

KVRX’s goal is to constantly seek out and air underground artists with hopes of unveiling fresh, new music for its listeners. Like KVRX, FFF Fest aims to feature artists that are lesser-known, but not entirely unpopular.

“The thing about FFF Fest is, just by the way our station operates and the way that this festival operates, it kind of naturally becomes our favorite festival every year,” Aragon said.

Almost all of the KVRX staff will be attending FFF Fest because of their natural attraction to this collection of music.

At KVRX, the staff is told to play whatever music they want to play. Staying true to its mission, at a certain level of recognition, bands may end up on the “black list” where they are no longer played.

“Everyone’s doing exactly what they want to do, “Aragon said. “It’s all about the music, and that’s what it should really be about.”

In the weeks leading up to the festival, KVRX will be talking about and promoting music that will be played at FFF Fest. Aragon said they do this solely to inform their listeners and celebrate this music culture that so seamlessly collides with their own.

KVRX plans to hit festival grounds and simply enjoy the experience first as fans. They hope to share their experiences afterwards on air, through written stories and any new music they might discover during the event.

“That’s the great thing about this kind of invisible relationship that exists within the Austin community,” Aragon said. “It’s people just sharing what they consider to be the best music out there right now.”