Rock and roll all Nite

Photo Credit: Javier Ramirez

Nobody likes a good party to end early, right? Well, luckily for you, Fun Fun Fun Fest keeps the party going all night long, and even pre-games it.

Fun Fun Fun Nites is a series of after-hour special performances of both comedic and musical nature that begin on Thursday, Nov. 7 — the night before the daytime festival begins. These performances happen at venues around Austin after the daytime acts are finished playing, and provide entertainment for spectators who still have some juice left in them. Worried about getting tickets? Worry no longer — these shows are free if you’re a wristband-holder.

This year, longtime favorite Tenacious D will be playing a FFF Nites show at The Mohawk on Saturday night. A year after the release of their latest album, “Rize of the Fenix,” California natives Kyle Gass and Jack Black are back on the road and ready to rock Austin’s socks off.

“Initially, I loved their lyrics, simply because they were funny,” Samuel Tuchenhagen, a sophomore computer science major, said. “But as I listened to them, I began to appreciate their individual musicianship. Kyle Gass plays acoustic guitar better than any other artist I can think of, and Jack’s vocals are superb; he has excellent range, and a power to his voice that few vocalists have.”

Playing a FFF Nites show at Red 7 on Friday, Nov. 8 is the band Pelican, from Chicago. Formed in 2000, the post-metal quartet has gained recognition for their entirely instrumental style.

“They are basically post-metal,” John Silveria, a sophomore plan II history major said. “That means they take everything that’s good about the post-rock of say, Explosions in the Sky, but without all the pretentiousness and repetitive qualities, and they metal-ify it. Their songs are tons of heavy riffs, no vocals and pure metal awesomeness.”

When one thinks of the metal genre, one usually pictures deep, screaming vocals. Pelican deviates from that expectation and instead brings a different atmospheric experience to the listener.

“Their live shows are epic not in a ‘Oh, it’s so cool how they played this song,’ or ‘It’s so cool they used a weird instrument,’ kind of way, but in a ‘I’ve never had my face melted off in pure metal glory this way before.’” Silveria said. “Few modern bands give the same feeling of pure overwhelming metal.”

Night shows offer a different ambiance to the concert-goer. Even though daytime shows are fun, as well, it is surely more pleasant to not get a nasty tan line from the sun while enjoying your favorite artists. Something about the Austin skyline and the life of the city at night just adds that much more to the concert experience.

If you are currently not planning on checking the night shows out, maybe you should reconsider. After all, at FFF Fest, “The Nites are free.”