Austin Musicians Causing a Scene

Spray Paint is described by their record label S.S. Records as being at the forefront of "avant punk progression." 

Unless you've been living under a rock your entire life, you know that Austin is the "live music capitol of the world." You might be surprised to learn that there are a large amount of local artists that are making waves in the music industry. Here's a some performers that can serve as just a small sampling of the Austin music scene.

Spray Paint (Punk)

A trio of two guitarists and a drummer, Chris, Cory and George of Spray Paint have been described by their record label S.S. Records as at the forefront of “avant punk aggression.” The band has released two albums so far through the label. Their latest, titled Bring Dumpster Back, gives an odd-yet-unique sound you won’t find elsewhere, backed with some strong electric guitar and lyrics that aren’t always in harmony with the music.

Spray Paint also lets you pay what you want to pay for some of their music. Their single “Dripping the Rails,” released Jan. 3, can be purchased through sites such as which allow you to name your price.

They have toured across the US, from Chicago and the Midwest to the West Coast in San Francisco, and will be playing several shows this year at SXSW, including a free show on March 12 at Beerland on Red River Street. If punk rock is your thing, Spray Paint is worth a check.



Glue (Hardcore Punk)

If you are seeking some local hardcore punk, look no further than Glue. Born in October of 2012, the band is a leading member of the angry punk rock scene in Austin. Their members also participate in other bands in Austin ranging from Recide and Concrete to Blotter and Youth. Glue released a six-song demo album in December 2012, which you can check out through Bandcamp to get a feel for their music.



Alpha Rev (Alternative Rock)

Started by singer Casey McPherson, the six-man band that is Alpha Rev began in 2005. McPherson started Alpha Rev after he lost both his brother and father to suicide, which may explain the origins for the more encouraging characteristics of their music. When something has got you down, Alpha Rev is a great band that can help you get back up.

The band has played locally at festivals and events such as Blues on the Green, Austin City Limits and South by Southwest in Austin. With two of their songs having reached the top 10 on the radio, their upbeat and inspirational alternative rock has reached far beyond Austin; they have opened for or shared the stage with groups like Owl City and OneRepublic. The band released their first album in 2007, after signing with Hollywood Records.



Institute (Post-Punk)

This post punk band, which features members of hardcore punk band Glue, is not as intense as Glue, but offers listeners clearer lyrics with strong bass lines. Similar to other local bands in Austin, Institute uses Bandcamp to give listeners an idea of what their music is about. Check out their 12 demo songs, released last October, which gives anyone interested in post-punk a taste of this fast up-and-coming band.



Cross Record (Devotional)

This one woman-three man band takes it name after its lead Emily Cross. They have released albums in 2010, 2011 and 2013, with some pieces even recorded in Cross’ home. Their devotional music makes for easy listening. Cross moved from Chicago to Austin to put together the next album, which will be released through Ba Da Bing Records. Her music can seem dark, and has been self-described on her Twitter as “ambient doom pop.” However, with clear melodic lyrics, effective use of distortion and layering of instrumentation and vocals, it’s clear to see how Cross Record fits right into the Austin music scene.



Mirror Travel (Psych Rock & Dream-pop)

Formerly known as Follow That Bird, the up-and-coming rock band Mirror Travel continues to live up to what Austin music website Ovrld calls the “Next Big Thing.” The band is made up of three musicians, with Lauren Greens in charge of the vocals and guitar, Paul Brinkley on the bass and Tiffanie Lanmon on the drums. In a signature single “Mexico,” the band clearly draws from psych-rock influences along with a dream-pop style.



Bob Schneider 

Bob Schneider, who appeared in the top 10 Bands of the Year and Musicians of the Year as deemed by the Austin Music Awards, has reached fame playing in venues all over Austin. Having released five albums in his career, Schneider has achieved great success particularly in the central Texas area — his album Lonelyland has become the bestselling record at Austin’s renowned Waterloo Records, selling over 25,000 copies of the album at that store alone.

Each week, he plays at the Saxon Pub, a small music venue on South Lamar for a welcoming crowd of Schneider fans. Along with the Saxon Pub, Bob Schneider often makes local appearances at Blues on the Green and ACL Live. Aside from being a well-known symbol of Austin music culture, Bob Schneider is also known for having dated celebrity Sandra Bullock; it has been speculated that this break-up served as an inspiration for some of his music. With his unique variety of funk, pop, romance, jazz and bluegrass, any music-lover is sure to find a niche within his music that intrigues them. For those looking for last minute Valentine’s Day plans, be sure to bring your date to Bob Schneider’s Valentine’s Day concert at ACL Live at the Moody Theater on Feb. 14.