Arctic Monkeys raise sound waves in Austin

Photo Credit: Jenna Million


Arctic Monkeys performed at Cedar Park Center Oct. 28 after Mini Mansions opened with a surprise guest appearance from Arctic Monkey’s Alex Turner, who teased the crowd with his alluring voice for a brief verse.

Although the mini-arena was clearly not sold out, fans filled the floor and lined up outside the arena as early as 4:30 a.m. to receive the highly coveted center spot on the barricade. Inspired by the band’s cool attire of leather jackets, blazers and ties, the mostly teen-aged audience was dressed in equal parts black leather and flannel, complete with winged eyeliner galore.

As the clock ticked, instruments were tuned, smoke machines were tested and the anticipation rose in the room. Finally, the English four-piece band took the stage in cool-headed glory, a typical style for the grease haired, leather jacketed Turner.

With smoke sweeping the floor of the stage and cool back lighting, the band burst into the guitar-driven “Do I Wanna Know?” from their latest LP, “AM.” Turner, with a shadowed face, mesmerized the crowd with hip swinging and devious stares.

After “Snap Out of It,” they transitioned to “Arabella” and Turner nixed his guitar to dance smoothly to the seductive lyrics, holding up his pinky finger, which featured a huge ring, while singing “Arabella’s got some interstellar-gator skin boots and a helter skelter ‘round her little finger and I ride it endlessly.”

With the iconic AM wavelength logo as a backdrop, the band delivered an hour and a half set of snappy rock songs, slow melancholic dance music and garage-rock band songs from their younger years. Every lyric was sung deliberately and delicately, and every guitar riff reverberated throughout the arena in style.

Of course it would not be an Artic Monkey’s performance if Turner didn’t take the time to whip out his comb to push his shaggy bangs back. All of it is part of the look of effortless and infinite cool composure. Turner took time to speak to the crowd here and there, although very little could be deciphered through his thick English accent.

After leaving the stage and returning for an encore, they played “One for the Road,” “I Wanna Be Yours” and their latest hit and rock anthem “R U Mine?” Although there were no mosh pits, the crowd lost their minds for the encore, dancing crazy and singing their hearts out.

For the rest of the year, the band is finishing a tour in South America and taking time off, leaving fans to wonder: will we have another Arctic Monkeys album any time soon? We can only hope.