UT Austin RTF major makes online debut


Looking for some crude humor this Valentine’s Day? "Wet Brownies" is a student film made by UT Austin’s very own Chris Gilman as well as a couple of his friends in New Jersey.

It’s context consists of two cops, drug dealers and a special appearance from the devil. Fans of Superbad and Pineapple Express will get a good kick out of what this movie has in store.

The plot focuses mainly on a burnout, Ricky, who gets bullied by a local “cool” kid into snorting up a kidney stone for a good high. When those events turn disastrous, Ricky scores a second chance and is given the mission to save the bully that killed him.

The idea and undertaking of the story is very original in a “I can’t believe that just happened but now I can’t look away” sort of way.

It has corrupted cops smoking weed, a Devil character trying to actually save a person from his future fate and an ending that wraps up every problem like this was just another ordinary day for them.

"Wet Brownies" plays on the theme that you can turn your life around, especially with the devil and magic on your side. It’s interesting to watch a twisted plot that you didn’t see coming.

This comedy would be put into the Seth Rogen category of comedies. If you’re looking for corruption, party boys, drugs and a happy ending, we found your movie! And lucky for you, the movie will be streaming online for free starting Feb. 14! Just go to www.wetbrownies.com or look out for special screenings around campus!