FFF Fest's class act

Elizabeth Harper, lead songstress of synth-pop outfit Class Actress opened up about music, her acting roots and her personal journey through love and heartbreak. The Brooklyn darling chatted while driving through the Los Angeles hills, in search of adequate cell service and coffee along the Pacific coast. “I bet your interviews never turn out like this,” she laughed.

Originally from LA, Harper moved to New York to focus on an acting career — hence the inspiration for band name Class Actress. Her transition from acting to singing came rather naturally, in a rare life-altering moment where picking up a guitar simply made everything fall into place. From there, her enticing vocals and electronic sound paired with her affinity for risk-taking fueled the band’s rise. “Let’s face it, nothing good ever happens in life unless you risk it and throw yourself full-force into something,” she said.

Harper draws from a plethora of inspirations in creating her bold, retro 80s sound, “Music, for me, is kind of a mismatch of film, clothes, textures and all kinds of things,” she explained. Her acting background in particular still plays a major role in her music. “Everything is cinematic or dramatic in my mind,” she noted, “I want to amp up my video prowess for the next album.”

A year after the band’s acclaimed full-length debut “Rapprocher,” Harper is excited to be writing and recording a new record. “Music, just dance music, has moved me so much. Finding new stories to tell, things to think about in different ways and to talk about life and love, there’s so much to say.” “Rapprocher” was the product of extreme heartbreak, but that doesn’t stop Elizabeth from opening herself up to new experiences that allow her to appreciate life’s extremities. “I had an epiphany this morning: I think that some of the best songs on that album were written when I was the happiest and the saddest,” she said.

“People feel like they’re getting older because they’re having less new experiences. Just enjoy being alive. Don’t be so protective of your heart.”