Fun Fun Fun Fest in review: staff picks

Photo Credit: Emily Morgan

There was definitely a lot of fun in the sun and some damn near unforgettable performances at the seventh annual Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin.  From witnessing Run DMC’s exceptional reunion, enjoying unusually warm weather and stalking director Terrence Malick backstage, Longhorn Life had an amazing weekend partying up the Shores with our amazing readers!

Here are just a few of our favorite moments from the this year’s FFF Fest.

The Head and the Heart

Charity Rose Thielen opened the show, praising Austin’s hospitality to the band. And this being the last tour stop showcasing their debut self-titled LP, the Head and the Heart made sure to go out with a bang — quite literally. Drummer,Tyler Williams kicked over his drum set in the middle of their finale before running around with his tambourine. Overall the combination of guitar, violin and harmonies was gorgeous, and the crowd sang along enthusiastically the whole time.

Black Lips … and Val Kilmer

While fans excitedly crowded together at the blue stage for a special performance by Georgia garage rock band Black Lips, several voiced discontent as actor Val Kilmer stumbled on the stage shouting, “Rock and roll is dead!” Little did they know, Terrence Malik was shooting a scene for his upcoming untitled film. Rooney Mara made an appearance with the band for the second time  (her first being at this year’s ACL), playing guitar throughout the performance – or at least pretending. Kilmer’s surprise appearance may have been distracting for some, but he sure got everyone’s attention when he took a pair of scissors and proceeded to cut his hair off. Don’t worry; it was actually a wig.


For an antiquated sensation, headliner Run DMC put on an extraordinary show Friday night, complete with the Texas fight song. For long-time fans, the reunion of Run Simmons and Darryl McDaniels was the main attraction this year. But by the end of the show, even younger attendees  were having a great time. They too were happy about the reunion, concluding their show with, “We love you, Austin! Thank you Fun Fun Fun Fest for getting us back together!”

Girl Talk

We wouldn’t expect anything less than a full-out rave from Girl Talk sensation Gregg Gillis. From his classic mixes to surprise tracks ranging from Adele to Michael Jackson and M83, not a soul at the orange stage was standing still. Balloons, confetti and an onstage dance party completed the experience.

David Cross

With jokes about the Northeast’s destruction from hurricane Sandy to his detailed recount of his first colonic experience with wife Amber Tamblyn, comedian David Cross had everyone laughing. “Directly after, I went to go take a rape shower,” Cross joked. Although he didn’t break out in is good ol’ nevernudes, the yellow stage was overflowing with fans wanting to see this Arrested Development star. Now if we could just figure out what’s happening with the movie…


The blue stage had sound problems all weekend, and STRFKR’s set started off a little weak - with the already airy vocals even less audible. However, the set grew stronger and its entrancing electronic pop sounds and surprising onstage guests hyped up the crowds beyond belief. With a guy in a panda suit and a stripper cop, how could you go wrong?


For Santi White, having a scene for Terrence Malik’s movie being filmed backstage was no distraction from her stellar performance Saturday night.  Crazy lights, an onstage dance party and a furry dancing horse during her set of Major Lazer’s “Hold the Line” all contributed to a performance that had the crowd chanting for an encore.