“There’s some music industry-schmoozer lady bragging about fucking a famous guy. And I was like, wow, I hate these people. It’s kind of tongue-in-cheek, and I was very over the music industry. Like, fuck this. It’s like high school, where everyone’s trying to be cool.”

So goes the story behind the Portland-based Starfucker, now shortened to STRFKR, as explained by lead singer and songwriter Josh Hodges. Ironically enough, the members have become stars in the independent music scene, not just for their moniker but also for their infectious, dance-infused pop.

“It caught on, and now we do this. It’s fun, and it’s something different. Having a stupid name, it’s an interesting challenge to see where it goes,” Hodges said. While the songs aren’t poised for the Top 40, alternative music fans can appreciate their electronica beats on the dance floor of a house party.

The band just recently finished recording its third full-length album, which Hodges thinks may be the best one yet. “I don’t really have goals when I make an album; I just record it. I’m happy with it,” he says. Sophomore effort "Reptilians" centers on catchy synth melodies that distract listeners from the weight of the lyrics, often centering on the topic of death. On the new album, listeners can expect more diverse tunes — more lyric-centered with a psychedelic vibe. And, until the yet-to-be-announced album release date, fans can catch a few new songs on their current tour.

In addition to mocking the music industry through its name, STRFKR defies normality with stage presence by sometimes dressing in drag during shows. Don’t expect that to happen in Austin however, where we’re left unfazed by the weird. “We like to do it where it makes people feel uncomfortable - like Birmingham, Alabama,” Hodges said. As with many musicians, Austin’s quirky, laid-back atmosphere has made a fond impression on Hodges, who described it as “a little oasis in the middle of Texas.”