Dream internships




Jessica Huff
multimedia journalism senior - age 22
Company: NBC News
Location: Washington D.C.
Position Title: intern with MSNBC's "Andrea Mitchell Reports"
Semester: Fall 2012

What you liked most: Getting to interact one-on-one with prominent political journalists, the opportunity to see the inner workings of Capitol Hill, the hands-on nature of NBC’s internship and going to events like Supreme Court hearings and press briefings at the State Department.
What you liked least: People in D.C. work long hours and are fast-paced. During the presidential debates and the election, there were nights I wouldn't leave the office until 2 a.m. and still had to come in the next morning.
Best tip your employers gave you: Don't be afraid to explore all the different areas of your field, and take in as much news as you can every day. Your best skill as a journalist is to be informed and learn how to listen to everything that's going on around you. NBC has a rule: never come into work without reading the news.
Job description: Provide research, monitor news wires and help production for "Andrea Mitchell Reports." Attend meetings, help operate social media accounts and shadow reporters and producers. I also produced my own digital journalism project.
Why you think you got the job: A lot of it was that I knew someone who knew someone who worked there. Making genuine connections with people in your field is the best way to get internships and jobs. Also having a wide skills set is important for journalists. You can't confine yourself to being a writer. The more skills you have, the easier it is for employers to find a place for you within their company.


Victoria Chamlee
music business senior - age 21
Company: ACL Live 

Location: Austin, TX
Position Title: business development intern
Semester: Fall 2012

What you liked most: Getting to work alongside people that are the best in the business, constantly furthering my knowledge and gaining experience. Whether you're in the office listening to a conference call or helping out during a show, you're constantly learning how to run a successful venue. The staff also takes an interest in getting to know you and are always eager to help you learn and further your career. Plus, seeing concerts every night is not a bad way to earn college credit!
What you liked least: My only regret is that there's so much you can learn from everyone that you'll never be able to learn it all. I wish I had more time to learn from everyone there, because they are a wealth of knowledge.
Best tip your employers gave you: Theywere always available to ask questions and give advice. They are super busy people running an extremely successful venue, and for them to take the time to help me start my career and network is more valuable than any tip they could have given me.
Job description: Normal administrative duties, helping with hospitality, filing riders for artists, performing venue set-up for shows, hosting our suite holders during shows, assisting with special event execution and helping with ticketing. I love that there is no typical day — I never knew what I'd be doing. Every job you do is important, because it all goes into providing the best concert experience for the audience!
Why you think you got the job: My previous internship experience, education, general knowledge of their company and, above all, a genuine passion for music. 


Kornel Rady
corporate communications and government sophomore - age 19
Company: Office of the Governor
Location: Austin, TX
Position Title: fellowship intern
Semester: Fall 2012

What you liked most: The people I met. Everyone - from the governor to his chief of staff - is incredible. I've never been in a situation where I'm exposed to such influential figures on a consistent basis.
What you liked least: Nothing, I truly enjoyed everything about the internship.
Best tip your employers gave you: To become a great communicator. If you can communicate effectively, you can do anything.
Job description: Taking notes for various employees of the budget, planning and policy offices and creating Excel sheets to compare the changes in different areas of the budget. Also general work with the legislative budget board to review and analyze various agencies’ legislative appropriations requests in preparation for the governor’s biennial appropriation budget and the upcoming legislative session.
Why you think you got the job: My participation in on-campus organizations like Student Government coupled with past experience in the political realm.

Luke Fernandez
finance and radio-television-film senior - age 21
Company: Google
Location: San Bruno, Calif.
Position Title: YouTube intern
Semester: Summer 2012

What you liked most: The company culture. Google strives to create a fun, innovative and comfortable work environment so its employees will perform at their best. The perks and work-lifestyle balance are huge components of the amazing culture, but the people are truly what make it one of the best places to work.
What you liked least: Google’s wildly successful ad platform affords it the opportunity to take on many side ventures. While many of these ancillary ventures and products are super cool, they also divert the company’s focus. At times I wish Google would cut some of its low-performing products that aren’t in line with its core business.
Best tip your employers gave you: “Don’t be evil.” This is the company’s motto and something they consistently stress. Google taught me it’s always best to make the right morally and ethically sound decision, even if it means less short-term personal gain.
Why you think you got the job: A combination of a strong resume, diligent outreach to company employees and luck. Google looks for certain qualities, like innovation and a passion for doing the right thing, and I was able to convey those traits in the interview process.