It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood

After freshman year, students typically want to branch out from on-campus living into the further reaches of Austin. Are you curious what’s the best choice for you? From trendy North Campus (pictured above) to affordable Riverside to convenient West Campus, here’s what you need to know about these popular neighborhoods.

North Campus

Residents: Journalism senior Sheyna Webster and government senior Linda Castillo

Longhorn Life: Why did you choose to live in North Campus?

Sheyna Webster: It’s far away from the chaos of West Campus. I was so immersed in school and living by campus that my stress was too much to deal with; not to mention I couldn’t sleep. I wanted something far enough away for peace, but close enough that it was still convenient to get to and from campus.

Linda Castillo: We got a great deal on the rent! It’s a lot of space for our dollar.

LL: Why is this a good place to live?

LC: It’s pretty close to the Intramural Fields bus stop. I also love that we have a backyard because I have a dog.

SW: Commuting to campus is easy with the IF bus right down the street, and you can’t beat how great street parking is around here. Plus, we have a huge house with so much space and privacy for the exact same rent we were paying for a tiny apartment squished in West Campus.


Residents: Chemistry and pre-pharmacy senior Leslie Opara and music performance and biology senior Alyssa Barnes

Longhorn Life: How do you feel about the rumors that Riverside is a dangerous place for students to live?

Leslie Opara: It’s not true at all. I’ve lived in Riverside for two years, and not once did I, or anyone else I know get robbed. You’re as safe in Riverside as you are anywhere else.

Alyssa Barnes:  I’ve never had any problems or felt any danger. For extra assurance, most of the apartment complexes around here have good security.

LL: Why is Riverside a good place for students to live?

AB: The price and location are super convenient. My apartment sits on a busy street, so I’m within walking distance from an H-E-B and a shopping strip with a Subway, a gym and several hair-care stores and salons.

LO: You get a lot of space for very low rent. Being a student is very stressful; we shouldn’t have to worry about paying our rent on top of everything else. Living in Riverside definitely gave me that peace of mind.

West Campus

Residents: Radio-television-film and finance junior Shane Ware and petroleum engineering senior Gibson Strickland

Longhorn Life: What do you love about West Campus? What do you hate about it?

Shane Ware: I love the convenience factor of being on campus, being within walking distance from everywhere, and the apartments are a good size for parties. But I hate that the appliances, Internet and other things are pretty low-quality. Things have broken multiple times and my drains are consistently slow. It’s also pretty expensive.

Gibson Strickland: West Campus parties are great, but the rent is really high. It’s good if you have the money, and if you want to party but still get to class on time.

LL: Describe your neighborhood’s character.

GS: Typical college debauchery.

LL: What should students looking for apartments in West Campus know about the area?

SW: When you live in West Campus, know what you’re signing up for. Weekends will be loud and drunk people will be everywhere. I know a lot of people who just can’t stand the noise. So if you’re one of those, prepare yourself.