Inside our closets

Photo Credit: Monica Zhang




Ricardo Hernandez

The Style Inquisitor creator

journalism senior

Ricardo Hernandez knows fashion, but more importantly, he knows all about style.

“I really don’t try to stick to trends, it defeats the point of dressing for yourself because you’re dressing like everybody else,” he said.

His fashion blog, The Style Inquisitor, emphasizes the importance of personal style, inspired by other fashion blogs like Fashion Toast and Hernandez also does a lot of his shopping online at sites like ASOS and Topman, and names like Theory, Rag & Bone and Alexander Wang are among his favorite designers.

“I try to invest in quality and things that will last,” Hernandez said. “It’s better to splurge on things that I’ll wear over and over again.”

His closet is the perfect mix of affordable and luxury brands.

“I have a lot of jackets because I’m in a constant state of denial about seasons changing,” he said. “The hardest time for me is summer because you’re always sweating.” 

One of his favorite jackets is a camel blazer from the special collaboration between H&M and Margiela.

“This jacket fits perfectly like a glove, even though it’s not custom tailored,” Hernandez said.

Another favorite is a gray knit sweater from New York based brand, Theory.

“I’m really into knits. I wear them all the time,” he said.

Many of Hernandez’s pieces are versatile and easy to mix. His closet is filled with basic pieces from H&M and Zara, so don’t expect any over-the-top ensembles any time soon.

“My style in general is very casual. I don’t like to be suited up just because it makes me feel pretentious,” he said. “I try to do something casual that doesn’t make me feel like a hobo.” As a result, most of his clothes are comfortable and approachable.

Hernandez’s advice for aspiring fashionistas: “Go to a store and try things on. Trying on is free. Whatever doesn’t look right or feel comfortable, don’t buy it. Take risks. Start with whatever you’re comfortable in and then slowly start taking risks.”

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Angeli Aguilera

University Fashion Group president

marketing senior

Angeli Aguilera’s closet is a reflection of everything she is passionate about.

Her style inspiration comes from a legendary actress.

“I’m obsessed with Audrey Hepburn,” Aguilera said. “She is clean and classic. She was always a lady. That carries over into the pieces that I like to buy.”

From a garment rack full of blazers to beautiful textured skirts, Aguilera keeps it simple without being boring. A recent purchase from Zara includes a jacquard skirt that can easily be matched with many tops.

“I’m not too big on color. I prefer neutral tones and then I pile on accessories and pair it with some great shoes,” she said.

Her go-to shopping spots are Zara, Urban Outfitters and ASOS. Aguilera is a huge fan of textures, which add subtle detail to a seemingly basic ensemble.

She also isn’t afraid to borrow from the past. Much of her jewelry and wardrobe comes from local thrift shops.

“I have a lot of jewelry,” she said. “I collect pieces that many people don’t have.”

One of her favorite pieces of jewelry is actually from Serendipity, the famed restaurant in New York City. The vintage pair of earrings is not only unique, but also match Aguilera’s classic style. This lucky find fit right in with Aguilera’s firm belief in fate.

“They remind me that things do happen for a reason which is what I believe in the most,” she said.

Aguilera’s fashion advice to others is to take time for yourself.

“Get through the first five minutes in the morning where you choose to put on whatever and leave,” she said. “For me, dressing up is my favorite thing to do in the morning. It’s like a little time to play.”