Fall Fashion Strikes a New Tone

This year’s fall fashion juxtaposes old and new, with oversized, vibrantly hued coats meshing together with silhouettes from the 1960’s to provide abundant panache.

Autumnal fashion is putting a myriad of colors to the forefront, with everything from cool pastels to warm jewel tonestaking center stage. This season knows no boundaries when it comes to hues, and previous no-no colors for autumn are hitting the scene, rebuffing the ideals that certain colors are strictly for one season only. Pastel colors such as icy blue tones, pale, powder pinks, and minty greens, often seen the spring season, are making a comeback. Effervescent jewel tones also serve as a color-basis of the clothing on the runways, with jewel tones such as bright blue, orange, deep emerald, teal, orchid, ruby red, and plum alluringly coloring the fabrics of the in-vogue clothing. Pinks and reds of all hues and intensities are further brightening up the ensembles of Autumn 2014, adding a romantic, flirty vibe previously associated with the early spring.

As always, knitwear and coats are in style for the autumn season, but with a unique twist. The silhouette of knitwear this season is immensely oversized, with some sweaters reaching down to the knees. Layering with knit fabrics of all sorts is encouraged, and knits of different colors and sizes can be mixed and matched. The colors of knitwear this season are subtle, with neutrals such as monochromatic blacks, grey and whites, and colors within the brown-beige spectrum coming to the forefront. On runways, however, vibrantly hued coats of jeweled tones are dominant, with over-sized silhouettes and both button and robe-coat-style closures. Knitwear also features eye-catching patterns and shapes, such as Fair Isle prints and over-dramatic turtlenecks.

The swinging 1960’s are being paid tribute this season in women’s fashion, with a vast array of mini-skirts, Mary-Janes and knee-high boots popping up on several runways. Men’s fashion is cozying up to the notion of layering, with a keen interest in pairing turtlenecks with coats, knit sweaters and cardigans with button-down shirts and blazers and flannel shirts with nearly every form of outerwear. Sweatpants are creeping their way into daily wear in lieu of the denim and corduroy pants typically associated with men’s chilly-weather fashion. They can be strategically paired with fitted button-down shirts, blazers, and tightly fitting knits. Over-sized down jackets are back as well, as are shearling-lined jackets that keep one looking rugged when executed properly.

The do’s and don’ts of the fall season require a standard, methodological approach. Although tights and leggings are a classic staple, one must be cautious when opting for sheer tights. Sheer tights should be worn with dresses or long tops—never with short, tight-fitting tops. Avoid cable-knit turtleneck, and instead opt for trim crew neck, cable-knit sweaters. Beware of over-doing your layered outfits with too many statement pieces: stick to one eye-catching item and keep the rest of the outfit minimalistic for a stream-lined ensemble. With that said, this year’s fall fashion breaks free of many of the season’s typical boundaries, leaving people room to experiment and express themselves.