Festival Fashion Spotlight

Flower crowns, high-waisted shorts and glitter, oh my!

At Austin City Limits (ACL), you’ll find flower crowns and high wasted shorts, maxi dresses and sun hats, ripped jeans and flannels, and even those who go for a “ready to party” vibe, neon snap-back and fanny pack in tow. For the most part, the choice of attire is a reflection of Austin itself—high fashion to exercise gear and everything in between.

ACL festivalgoers know that early October weather could change at any moment, from sunny, clear skies one day to torrential pouring rain the next. The best way to handle the ever-changing weather is to dress in layers.

Although it may be too warm to wear a flannel in the afternoon, it will come in handy at night when it cools off and you’re walking a mile back to the car in the dark to get home.  The easiest way to rock this versatile option is to tie it around your waist during the day for a grunge look.

When it comes to hydration, it’s clear what the most popular option is: the omnipresent CamelBak. The CamelBak has been removed from it’s original outdoors-hiking-through-rugged-terrain context to fit festivalgoers’ needs of lasting hydration. Maybe it’s not the most fashion-forward choice, but it pays off after standing in a crowd for four hours to see Eminem perform.

Everyone probably has that embarrassing family photo from the 90s with the whole family dressed in cringe-worthy fanny packs, scrunchies and crew socks at Disneyland. Well, you’ll be glad to know the fanny pack fad is back and better than ever.

The fanny pack has probably never served a better purpose than at a festival. It has the convenience of being hands-free when you’re pressed body-to-body in the crowd and holding all the basic necessities like a cell phone, money, your photo I.D. and sunglasses. And you’re not limited to the nightmarish fashions of the ’90s: they now come in studded black leather for those of us who are particularly concerned with aesthetical appeal.

As far as footwear goes, comfort is the most important thing, considering the majority of your day will be spent trying to catch every artist possible. Chacos are a favorite on campus, but sandals at festivals aren’t ideal, especially when everyone in the crowd is jumping up and down to their favorite Childish Gambino song. Try trading them in for a pair of Converse, Vans or ankle boots.

If there is a chance of rain, and you can pull off rain boots, do it. Although you may stick out walking around Austin, rain boots are a fad, for better or for worse, of festival fashion, especially at those messy festivals in Europe. So, embrace the ways of the Europeans and wear rain boots with shorts, jeans or even dresses.

This year’s most popular festival fashion must-have will have to be those silver or gold glittered temporary tattoos you’ve probably seen people wearing around campus. As if glitter wasn’t a big enough trend among teenaged EDM enthusiasts, it now comes in multicolored tattoo form.

Possibly the greatest part of ACL culture is that when it comes down to it, people are really there to enjoy the music and be themselves. So, fashionable or not, here we come.