Everlasting trends: Perfect closet pieces for any date

UT Austin designer Alexandra Dieck produces the perfect chic-date night look. 

Photo Credit: Daniel Hublein


Fashion is not new. Although society constantly changes, fashion has remained the same for generations.

This is not to say the latest looks on the Chanel runway are not fresh, but they are borrowing from trends that have been around for years. Fashion timelines clearly show that as a society we borrow from the old to create the new.

Some trends fizzle out and never come back, and we should be happy about that (no one ever advertises that “vintage middle school” look). However, other styles are timeless, and when one fashion designer drops the trend, another will be happy to pick it back up.

Why not use one of these classic trends to create the perfect look for your next date?

Floral prints, for example, are classic! Every year, specifically on the spring runway, we see hundreds of looks sporting flowers in all shapes, sizes and colors. Where did the trend start? Was it the 1960s when flower power was at its highest? Or was it further back?

It all started with Japanese Kimonos. Geishas took inspiration from delicate flowers and had them stitched onto their silk robes. Then as the world became more traveled, women from all over saw the Geisha’s flowers and thought “why not us?” Thus, the floral trend began.

Florals have stayed with us because of their versatility. They can be put on anything to create a more feminine look. Whether one pairs florals with trousers or maxi dresses, flowers will remain a common thread throughout the fashion industry for years to come. For your next date, throw on something with flowers to look feminine and chic.

In the 1920s, one of the most famous fashion designers brought hats to the stage. That’s right, Coco Chanel started her empire by selling headgear. From there she branched out into another trend that is still huge today – menswear.

When more and more women began entering the workforce, Chanel realized that they needed new clothing to work in. This era introduced ladies trousers, along with other pieces like cardigans and jackets that were borrowed from menswear but cut for women. 

Katherine Hepburn further popularized the trend by mainly wearing trousers during her motion picture career. Menswear still survives due to its versatility and comfort. If you are headed out on a date where you need to be comfortable, do exactly what they did back then and opt for an Oxford shirt with an oversized blazer.

During both the first and second World Wars, another fashion trend became popular and has remained a staple for fashion houses across the world – militarism.

Designers like Burberry became famous because they clothed the soldiers fighting in trench coats and Wellingtons. On the home front, women also chose to wear military-inspired clothing because of its simplicity.

Lauren Hutton made it even more popular by wearing a Burberry trench coat in public. Military-inspired fashion is always popular because of its neutral colors and clean, simple lines. We wear military-inspired capes and boots today for the same reasons, so put on some OD (olive drab) pants and a military style jacket and you are ready for your next date.

In the late 1940s, Christian Dior broke into the fashion world with a new idea for women – poise. She introduced Grace Kelly’s and Audrey Hepburn’s classic A-line dresses with low heels and bows.

The frocks were extremely simply done in all colors from black to pastels. They showed off women’s curves and were perfect for the workplace or for hosting a dinner party. The trend never went away and women today look to Kelly and Hepburn for inspiration.

This trend might be the most inspiring for a date ensemble because of its simple femininity and its ability to transcend so many generations. Dress in a pastel A-line dress by Oscar de la Renta and you will look just as good as Grace Kelly in “To Catch a Thief.”

Overall, fashion trends remain the same with some slight twists and turns. We constantly borrow from decades long past, holding on to what remains the best of the best in the fashion world, especially when dressing for those anticipated date nights.