How to Be Single and Still Love Valentine’s Day

Try making a friend's Valentine's Day extra special this year by exchaging gifts between each other. 

Photo Credit: Victoria Garabedian


Valentine’s Day has a history of making people without a significant other feel singled out, but why should a major holiday be celebrated by only a few?

Valentine’s Day is not about flaunting romance. Valentine’s Day is about showing people that they are loved and appreciated, and that should not be limited to romantic relationships.

Here are some tips for making the most of your Valentine’s Day whether or not you are in a relationship!

Buy valentines for some friends

Embrace the Valentine’s Day tradition of buying candy and flowers. It will make a friend’s day to know that you have been thinking about him or her, and what better excuse is there to buy a valentine? Pick out some festive cards and chocolates to show your friends that you value their friendship. Write a note in the card telling them what you love most about the influence they have in your life!

Surprise your mom or dad

Mother’s Day is three months away and Father’s Day is four months away, so why not surprise your parents early? Send Mom some flowers and Dad some candy! Or write a personal letter to your parents to show your appreciation for all they have done. Parents deserve more than just one day of appreciation. If it comes as a surprise to them, it is sure to be a good one!

Treat yourself

Take a mental break from studies and enjoy yourself. Buy yourself some candy, a Frappuccino or your favorite meal. Go read a good book or watch a good movie. Invite a friend to join you in your Valentine’s Day veg! Go explore a place you haven’t been to before. Show yourself some appreciation by doing what you want to do.

Dress up/Be festive

You can celebrate the entire day by dressing up! Wear something nice for the day or dress up in festive pinks or reds. Break out the cheesy heart-shaped jewelry or heart printed graphic tees. You won’t find a better day to make use of them! Other people are sure to have their day brightened by your festivity!

Go to dinner with a friend

Maybe you have a friend who you haven’t spent quality time with in a while. Ask him or her to get dinner with you! Use Valentine’s Day as a time to see what is going on in your friend’s life. Make an adventure out of it by trying a new restaurant or coffee shop or reminisce by going to an old favorite spot.


Show the world some love by finding an event that gives to the community! There are many events on Valentine’s Day that provide an opportunity to serve others. Find something that you are passionate about and contribute on Valentine’s Day. Look into participating in a fun run or volunteering at an animal shelter. There are endless opportunities!