How to Make ATX your Home

Making your own custom-photo boards are a great way to add a piece of home in your new apartment or dorm. 

Photo Credit: Victoria Garabedian


It’s hard to compare the cloned and cramped space of a dorm room or apartment to the comfort of your childhood home, but these simple ideas will help make college life a little sweeter.

Photos on photos on photos

The best way to personalize any area is by adding visual snapshots of your life. Select your favorite photos from your smartphone or camera and upload them to your computer in order to display them in a variety of ways.

Ordering standard-sized prints to create a photo wall is an effective way to illustrate your favorite moments, while filling up the blank space of drearily colored walls. Fill an entire wall or create an interesting arrangement with the photos. Some image publishing companies, like Shutterfly, offer free prints for new members or different sales specials that make a photo wall an inexpensive way to make your room feel more like home.

Another creative way of displaying photos is making your own photo strips. Collect several photos and upload them onto an editing website, like PicMonkey. Select the collage feature and find a layout that looks like a photo booth strip. Then, simply arrange your photos into the collage. Make several of these and print them out on photo paper. Placing these around various parts of your dorm room or apartment, like on bulletin boards or on the edges of mirrors, creates small visual reminders of wonderful memories that will surely spark a comforting atmosphere.

Showing your roots

Especially helpful for out-of-state or international students, displaying a flag to reflect your culture and family background can serve as a wonderful reminder of home. It is not only an easy way to fill up a large amount of blank wall space, but also makes a powerful statement in the room that won’t be missed. Hang the flag with Command damage-free hooks and your flag will be flying high, showing the pride of your home and heritage, without caused-costly damage to the walls.

Little touches of home

One thing that many students realize after moving into college housing is the vast amount of objects that a home actually contains. Dorm rooms and apartments have very little that come with them and that is not often noticed until students find themselves without simple items that they once took for granted, such as mom’s home décor or simple kitchen appliances and utensils. Adding a few of these missing objects will make a room look and feel more like home. A rug or curtains will do wonders to the atmosphere of your room while adding a touch of individuality. Even a few decorative throw pillows will surely do the trick. Having these small homey details helps one realize that it’s the little things that can make the biggest difference.