Take It Outside: Austin’s Most Romantic Outdoor Activities

Enjoy a day date at Zilker Park with plenty of activities to engage in. 

Photo Credit: Taylor Harton


The city of Austin has all the features of urban life, but the never-ending supply of natural beauty is what makes this city so unique.

Here are a few activities provided by Mother Nature that can add even more romance to the most romantic day of the year.

Watching the sunset at Mount Bonnell

The only way to make a sunset more breathtaking is by seeing it atop Mount Bonnell, one of Austin’s most popular hill country sites. Take your significant other on a short hike to the summit at Covert Park and enjoy the scenery of Lake Austin surrounded by endless hills as the colors of the sunset add an extra touch of charm.

Paddle boarding on Lady Bird Lake

There are few places where one can see a city skyline while experiencing watersports. Stand-up paddle boarding is the newest trend at Lady Bird Lake as well as a fun and simple activity to do with your significant other.  It is also a great way to enjoy the water without having to get in it during this chilly time of the year.  Several companies offer hourly rentals at the lake, but make sure to do this activity during the day since most rentals end at dusk.

Hiking the Greenbelt

The Barton Creek Greenbelt offers miles of trails that showcase Austin’s waterfalls, cliffs and swimming holes. There is always a new hideaway to discover and explore. Hiking these trails is a wonderful way to spend the day and embrace the natural beauty that Austin has to offer.

Exploring the Cathedral of Junk

Located in a South Austin suburban backyard, the Cathedral of Junk is a manmade masterpiece. Vince Hannemann began building his collection of 60 tons of old trash and parts in 1988, interweaving it with trees. It is as sturdy as the house that sits in front of it, yet contains more allure than any building ever could.

Relaxing at Zilker

Zilker Park contains more than 350-acres of pure outdoor bliss. From biking trails to beach volleyball courts, the endless open space gives couples plenty of room to enjoy some fresh air and their favorite outdoor activity. Savor the sunshine while having a view of the Austin skyline. A quaint picnic here never fails.

Strolling through the Botanical Garden

A part of the park, Zilker Botanical Garden offers visitors stunning plants and ponds that add an enchanting aura to any date. Romance is promised with such a peaceful environment and lovely scenery. It is also a perfect location to take nice couple photos.

Catching a live show

Thanks to living in the “live-music capital of the world,” there are always concerts happening around the city. Some of the most popular outdoor venues include Stubb’s, The Mohawk and Cedar Street Courtyard. If you and your significant other both love music, then there is no shortage of opportunities to listen to talented bands while outdoors. Plus, you can save money by seeing local bands since many perform free shows, especially on the weekends.