Attire to help get the most out of your workout


Style shouldn’t be your only consideration when picking out workout fashions.It’s also important to make sure to know what attire benefits your workout the most and doesn’t hold you back in any way.

Each type of exercises has corresponding clothing that is most suitable.

Running is one of the most common forms of exercise and you don’t want excess clothing to keep you from moving. It’s good to wear something that’s relatively tight, particularly with some spandex to keep fabric from hanging off of you.

Leggings are good for when it’s cold, especially paired with a tight half-zip pullover. For warmer weather, it’s best to wear shorter shorts or spandex shorts for easy movement of your legs.

I also recommend fitted tanks or razorbacks for women and fitted tees for men. It can get hot while running in the Texas heat so consider wearing just a sports bra. It can be the most comfortable way to go.

Yoga doesn’t require much of a wardrobe change, but it’s important to be comfortable. You’ll need a wide range of motion in whatever you’re wearing. It’s best to wear tight and skin bearing clothes if you’re interested in looking at your body in order to perfect different positions.

Sports are another extremely popular way to workout. Attire ranges from one sport to another but again the focus is on comfort and mobility. In golf, you won’t be moving around as quickly so you can wear looser materials. Tennis should be tighter clothing that lets you move your arms around quickly. I also love any bottoms that have places to store extra tennis balls like you can with tennis skirts. Basketball and soccer can be relatively loose and baggy. You want to be able to move your legs around and not feel too constricted in what you’re wearing.

The tennis shoes that carry you through your exercises are much more important than you’d imagine. With the bottoms of your feet bearing all the pressure you put on them during a workout, you need the best support for them.

Depending on what you’re looking for specifically – comfort versus ease of motion, Nike has great options for both. They have a wide range of very light shoes that feel as if you had no shoes on at all and make running faster seem easier. There is also the Air Max that provides a lot of cushion and support on the bottom, so you don’t feel the concrete through your shoes while you run.

Prices can begin to stack up when shopping for the most beneficial sporting attire. However, there is still a way to get good quality clothes at a much lower price than the popular brands. A lot of local stores, such as Luke’s Locker, will stock less popular styles on unbeatable sales. Most may not be the cutest color or pattern but they will get the job done just as well. Gap Fit also has great prices and frequently has sales.

Make sure that when you exercise the next time, that you put on the most comfortable and efficient attire for what you plan to do. When you’re working out, the pain in your muscles is enough to go through, don’t let what you wear cause any more discomfort.