Health tips to keep you from getting sick during the school year

Fruit is an healthy option an easy when on the go. 

Photo Credit: Jessica Lin


Have you been sick more than once this school year? Then this article is for you.

As a college student, healthy habits are often pushed to the back burner. When school and your personal life become too busy and demanding, it’s essential to stay healthy. Here are some health tips and tricks you may not have known about.

Sleep habits

Students always complain that they’re tired, but never take the time to sleep. So sleep! Sleeping allows your mind and body to rest and recharge. Your body needs at least eight hours a day to function properly. You can always supplement a shorter night sleeping schedule with small naps during the day. Just make sure those naps don’t last longer than an hour or else you can throw off your sleep cycle.

   Also, resting benefits the body just as much as sleep. If you’re feeling anxious or tired, but not sleepy, put on some headphones, lay down and close your eyes. Allowing your mind to focus on music for 30 minutes without multitasking or being distracted by what’s going on around you will lead to a refreshed feeling.

Essential snacks

Eating makes everything better. Literally. If you don’t eat well, you’ll see the side effects in your skin, hair and energy levels. Students often make the mistake of not taking snacks with them during the school day and binge eating during late-night study sessions.

   To keep your energy levels up during the day, small snacks are helpful. Even if you’re living on campus, buy almonds, carrots, celery, granola bars and sun chips to take with you during the day.  If you pre-package your snacks in plastic bags at the start of the week, you can have a variety to choose from during the week. Also, fresh fruits like oranges, apples and bananas are all easy to grab and take with you when you’re in a hurry.

H20 and Vitamins

Water makes up more than 60 percent of the human body. That right there is reason enough to start drinking more H20!  

Drinking water can help your skin look brighter, reduce baggy eyes, eliminate headaches and increase your ability to think well. Make a habit of drinking more water everyday by buying a water bottle that fits in your backpack. Try replacing your morning cup of coffee with a bottle of water. Or if you’re a coffee addict, try replacing your soft drink at lunch or dinner with some H20. If you still hate the taste of water, try drinking herbal teas (iced or otherwise) or adding healthy enhancers to your water.

Vitamins are another element you should add to your daily routine. Find a daily multivitamin that works for you. If you don’t like swallowing pills, they even make chewable adult vitamins! There’s no excuse not to boost your immune system.

Just Walk

I hate exercising. I’m sure many others out there share my sentiment. For people who don’t enjoy running in the gym, climbing up large objects or engaging in competitive sports, walking is the solution.

Everyday dozens of opportunities present themselves for walking – to class, up the stairs, to meet a friend. Take those opportunities. Go out of your way to walk whenever you can. If you live in Jester and your friend wants to have dinner in Kinsolving, don’t take the 40 acres bus. Put in your ear buds and walk there. Not only will walking keep your body in shape and your metabolism moving, it also gives you endorphins and exposes you to the outdoors, which benefits your mental health.

Home Remedies

If you find yourself in a situation where you haven’t done any of the above precautions and end up sick with a cold or the flu, here are some quick-fix home remedies.

1.Replace all your drinks with green tea and add a squeeze of lemon and a teaspoon of honey. The green tea has amazing antioxidants, the lemon contains Vitamin C and honey is a great natural sweetener. Plus, this drink is basically all water.

2.Sleep with lavender on your pillow. Lavender helps the body relax and helps induce sleep. This way you’ll fall asleep faster and sleep deeper than usual. Not to mention your pillow will smell lovely.

3.Start doing all the previously mentioned things! Just do it.