Austin beer: Another way to keep it local

Local brews are never in short supply in Austin. Be sure to check out Hopfields, Banger's Sausage House & Beer Garden, Thunderbird Cafe & Tap Room, Craft Pride, The Brew & Brew, The Brew Exchange, Draught House Pub & Brewery, and dozens of other local bars for the best beer selection the city has to offer.

Photo Credit: @hopfieldsaustin

Whether you regularly indulge in craft beer or you can't tell a pilsner from a porter, Austin is a great city for trying local brews. Check out these beers from four different Austin-based breweries.

Live Oak HefeWeizen
Brewed by: Live Oak Brewing Company
Style: Hefeweizen
Where I tried it: Thunderbird Cafe & Tap Room

Description: The Live Oak HefeWeizen is a refreshing take on this notoriously wheaty style of beer. It is hazy and yellow-orange in color, and I detect notes of banana in both the scent and taste. Considering its thick and somewhat creamy consistency, it’s surprisingly refreshing and easy to drink. It isn’t bitter at all and has a slightly sweet finish. Enjoy it in the Texas summer heat or with a heavy meal.
Flavor reminds me of: Banana, wheat bread
ABV: 5.20%

(512) Pecan Porter
Brewed by: (512) Brewing Company
Style: American Porter
Where I tried it: Hopfields on Guadalupe Street

Description: Dark brown in color, slightly sweet and creamy in consistency, the (512) Pecan Porter is almost like the dessert version of beer. Its slightly bitter flavor reminds me of coffee and chocolate, with hints of pecan and molasses. Like several other rich dark beers, this porter is best suited for cold winter months. It is smooth to drink, but keep its richness in mind because it will fill you up fast! 
Flavor reminds me of: Coffee, chocolate
ABV: 6.80%

The One They Call Zoe
Brewed by: Hops and Grain Brewery
Style: American Pale Lager
Where I tried it: Hopfields on Guadalupe Street 

Description: With its pleasant, golden amber color and bubbly, soda-like carbonation, this lager is the perfect summer brew. It has a citrusy and slightly wheaty scent. The taste has notes of orange, grapefruit and lemon zest with a bitter and earthy finish. Crisp and hoppy, Zoe is best served ice cold by the pool in the summer sun. Try it if you think you’d like a more complex Shiner Ruby Redbird.
Flavor reminds me of: Shiner Ruby Redbird, citrus zest
ABV: 5.20%

Black Rhino
Brewed by: Adelbert’s Brewery
Style: Belgian Dark Ale
Where I tried it: Thunderbird Cafe & Tap Room

Description: This ale pours a very dark brown with a scent of coffee and raisins and a heavy, almost milky consistency. Like the (512) Pecan Porter, it’s pretty filling and lends itself to winter months. Packing a dark, roasted and powerful punch with a little bitterness at the finish, Adelbert’s Black Rhino certainly lives up to its name. Try it if you like strong flavors like black coffee and licorice.
Flavor reminds me of: Black coffee, raisins, licorice
ABV: 5.60%