Unique Eateries for the Traditional Austin Experience

Photo Credit: Mikhaela Locklear


Known for a plethora of unique cuisines, Austin is home to a wide arrange of eateries tailored towards its diverse population; from the meatiest of Texan barbecue to the healthiest of vegetarian Asian fusion choices. 
As the capital of the expansive state of Texas, Austin offers a wide range of options for its many inhabitants - a range of options as immense as the size of the state itself. One of its most well known food options is Franklin Barbecue, which pays homage to the strong-held carnivorous, barbecue-centric culture of Texas. With options such as smoked brisket, ribs, and pulled pork - either straight by the pound or sandwiched between pieces of bread, the barbecue hub is coveted for the unmistakable aroma and flavor resonating from all of its menu items. As a lunch-only hub for all things barbecue, the famous eatery is known for its incredibly lengthy lines, with folks often making their way over at the early peaks of the morning hours. The wait is not known to go in vain, however, with Franklin’s customers leaving satisfied in ecstasy after fulfilling of all their meat cravings. 
Immersed in Austin’s historic Waterloo Compound, Moonshine Patio Bar and Grill is known as a contemporary take on classically American comfort food.. With menu items such as chicken and waffles, green chile mac and cheese, and warm bacon dip with grilled sourdough bread, the restaurant boasts feel-good cuisine for the soul. With a similar comforting ambiance, 24 Diner offers a range of breakfast platters, burgers, sandwiches, and entrees, each with a unique take on classically American diner favorites. The diner boasts a gluten-free menu for its customers as well. For an Italian spin on savory, cheesy comfort food, Homeslice Pizza is popular for its innovative take on New York-style pizzas, with range of salads, antipasti, calzones, and sub sandwiches to boot. 
Delving into some of the many cultures that come together to make Austin unique, Blue Dahlia Bistro offers a simple, organic take on European cuisine. With a vast selection of options for breakfast, Parisian tartines, salads, evening dishes, and desserts from all over Europe, the bistro offers an elegant atmosphere, sending its customers on a trip to the chicest of European cafes. Heavily rooted from different parts of Asia and America, East Side King offers its customers an umami-ridden take on Asian-American fusion cuisine. With a diverse range of marinated, fried, and deeply seasoned vegetables and meats, East Side King floods its dishes with an unmistakable depth of flavor, often topping its dishes with pieces of deep fried hamburger buns, encrusted in crystals of coarse, saline salt. 
Austin is nothing without its vast range of burgers, and Hopdoddy’s exemplifies a well sought-after take on burgers, beer, milkshakes, and french fries. With a diverse range of burgers both non-vegetarian and vegetarian, the burger bar boasts an extensive variety of toppings and combinations, known to make the mouths of those who wait in its long lines salivate endlessly. Where Hopdoddy’s lacks in a relaxed, mellow cafe setting, coffee and tea shops such as Halcyon, Epoch, and Mozart’s do not, with a vast range of carefully concocted coffee-based beverages, teas, and pastries both sweet and savory. Known as relaxed hubs for students to get their caffeine fix and tackle their homework, the many tea and coffee shops offer a diverse take that is uniquely Austin. 
From rugged Texan barbecue and burgers, to fusion cuisines from Asia and Europe, Austin is home to some of the nation’s most diverse options, with something new and exciting for every one of its residents and visitors.