Top ten food trucks around Austin

1. Hey!...You Gonna Eat or What?

So much hype surrounds this food truck’s Monte Cristo sandwich and to be perfectly honest it is totally worth it. The sandwich is beautiful when it comes out on your plate and, if the food truck isn’t swamped, the maker of the sandwich will come out and give you an entire run down of the meal. The homemade chips are also a delicious side dish. 

2. The Mighty Cone

Having heard so many tales about this “mighty” cone at ACL and various other festivals, it was finally time to try the truck. This gem is located in the Barton Springs Picnic Food Truck Park between Hey Cupcake! and Coat & Thai. If you don’t know what Mighty Cone is, it is basically a taco in a cone form. The chicken is amazing, breaded with almonds and sesame seeds. It is a reimagined finger food due to its ease to eat. You can grab one and enjoy it while walking through Zilker Park. 

3. Coat & Thai

If the name doesn’t get you to eat there, the food really should. The Panang Curry (red) is the perfect blend of spices, bell peppers, and chicken. Your food comes in plastic containers because they give you so much that you will definitely need to take some home. If you are also in the mood for an appetizer, I recommend getting their Crab Rangoon bites. 

4. Holla Mode

You have probably seen Holla Mode on your friend’s snap stories. It is the really cool ice cream place where they scrape out and roll up ice cream into weirdly shaped tubes. The delectable dessert is “Thai-Style” made right in front of you. You pick the ice cream base (coconut or regular milk) and the mix-in’s, creating a flavor unique to yourself. Pro tip: The cookie dough makes a phenomenal mix-in. 

5. Korean Komfort

One of the best food trucks in West Campus, Korean Komfort serves up traditional Korean food and often does profit shares for student organizations. The food is flavorful and fresh. The Bulgogi Rice Bowls are the perfect meal if you want to have leftovers later; it even comes complete with a fried egg. The Mandoo appetizer, Korean style potstickers, also makes a delicious addition to your meal. 

6. Cow Tipping Creamery

If you have just finished eating at Korean Komfort and need something sweet, stop in at CTC. They have a few soft-serve flavors to make parfaits from. There are tons of toppings to choose from as well. The vanilla + cake batter + white chocolate chips is absolutely delicious. Also, make sure to look over the specials board, as there are always delicious options available. 

7. Gourdough’s

Do you love pillowy dough filled with sweet fillings and piled high with brownie bites (or strawberries, or slathered in icing)? If so, then Gordough’s is for you. This Austin-famous food truck and restaurant chain got some of us hooked during its time behind the Co-op. It has since moved on and the closest one to campus is on 5th street. It is the perfect food after a night downtown. Not craving sweet? Try one of their savory donuts like the Mother Clucker, a plain donut with fried chicken and a maple sauce drizzle. The chicken is extremely fresh and juicy while the donut gives the compliment of a small (better) waffle. 

8. Via 313 Pizza

Via 313 now has multiple brick and mortar locations; however the food truck version downtown on Rainey Street. It is tucked behind Craft Pride and often the wait can go into the hours because people love their pizza (it is a highly favored item as well). The Detroit-style pizza is square and delicious. The ingredients are also very fresh. If you ask anyone they will tell you Via 313 is the best pizza in Austin. 

9. Chi’Lantro

If you are into different types of foods and are willing to branch out, Chi’Lantro is a good choice for you. The Kimchi fries are a mix of different flavors and colors often including meat, caramelized Kimchi, cheese, onions, cilantro, and Siracha. The rice bowls are also delicious with fried eggs, Kimchi, and house made salsa. 

10. Torchy’s

The ultimate classic food truck. We all know and love Torchy’s tacos from the location near campus, but if you just happen to be somewhere near one of their food trucks you are in real luck. If you are getting the Trailer Park, make sure to get it trashy (they replace the lettuce with queso). The Democrat is also a real crowd pleaser with beef barbacoa, avocado, queso fresco, cilantro, and onions.