Daniel Abramson as Phillip in the forthcoming web-series "Big Kids"

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ACL attracts nearly 75,000 people each day, and the number of attendees continues to grow, along with the ticket prices. 

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AWOLNation performing during the music portion of Summer X Games 2013 Los Angeles. [PHOTO CREDIT: ESPN/Tomas Zuccareno]

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The view down West San Antonio Avenue in downtown New Braunfels.

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The County Line's special marinade is a blend of apple juice, grape juice, salt and Worcestershire sauce.

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Rhea McCarter does a bridal trial service. McCarter recommends putting sunscreen under foundation primer to protect your skin during the summer.

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Longhorn Life Staff Writer Sarah Strohl skydiving for the first time with Texas Skydiving Center.

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Surprisingly, many families bring their small children, even though the hike to the summit is very steep and not for the faint of heart.

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Henry Hibler helps a customer get off the paddleboard at Rowing Dock. This was the customer's first time stand-up paddling.

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