Professor David Gilden asked his class why they think people listen to music while exercising. He said most of them said it is because the music serves as a distraction from their workout.

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Josh Alexander is CEO and co-founder of Toopher, one of the 24 start-ups that participated in the first season of the Longhorn Startup Studio, founded by Bob Metcalfe in October 2012.

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Edward Fair has been a practicing music and entertainment attorney for more than 25 years and has represented clients in all phases of the music business. He teaches students at The Butler School of Music about music copyright and publishing.



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Glenn Richter, the interim director of Butler School of Music, said the copyrights of "The Eyes of Texas" and "Texas Fight," which will be marketed by Longhorn Music, bring in revenue for UT.

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Professors Joseph and Sandra Straubhaar believe it is necessay to put your relationship and family first if you hope for your relationship to succeed.

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Psychology Professor Michael Domjan, who has been at the university for 40 years, believes that price you pay for an education at UT is a great value.

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