Texas Outdoorsmen facilitate local outdoor activities for group members at locations such as Zilker Park, Barton Creek, the Greenbelt and Hamilton Pool.

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Interstate 35, a major commuting roadway, sees heavy congestion during peak hours.

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An old two-story home on North Harris, just a few blocks north of campus.

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Brin Kieffer is the co-director of Texas StandOut, a queer political activist group that advocates for LGBTQ individuals and provides a safe environment for them to voice their concerns.

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An employee at Cream Whiskers making a strawberry cheesecake cream puff.

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Gary Clark, Jr. is an emerging artist from Austin who has been compared to both Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan. [PHOTO CREDIT: Warner Bros Records]

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Glenn Richter, the interim director of Butler School of Music, said the copyrights of "The Eyes of Texas" and "Texas Fight," which will be marketed by Longhorn Music, bring in revenue for UT.

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