Lucy Atkinson, Assistant Professor of Advertising and Public Relations, finds the turtle pond to be a "serene slice of nature right in the middle of campus."

Photo Credit: Clara Patt
Photo Credit: Karina Munguia
Photo Credit: Karina Munguia

Kome is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner and is located at 4917 Airport Blvd. 

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Ki-Young Yoon, an international student from Korea studying chemistry, had trouble communicating with leasing agents in the U.S. before moving to Texas to attend UT.

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Brin Kieffer is the co-director of Texas StandOut, a queer political activist group that advocates for LGBTQ individuals and provides a safe environment for them to voice their concerns.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth de Regt

A tenant in West Campus advertises a house that is for rent.

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Professors Joseph and Sandra Straubhaar believe it is necessay to put your relationship and family first if you hope for your relationship to succeed.

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Professor Robert Abzug works in the departments of history and religious studies at UT.

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Michael Cramer is the director of the Texas Sports and Media Program at UT.

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