The County Line's special marinade is a blend of apple juice, grape juice, salt and Worcestershire sauce.

Photo Credit: Jenna VonHofe

Wheatsville Food Co-Op offers local, organic food and produce, and is located witin walking distance from UT.

Photo Credit: Joe Capraro

Contigo Austin owner Ben Edgerton said this fresh sausage dish can be made gluten-free by eliminating the bread.

Photo Credit: Jared Wynne

Agave nectar is made in a process similar to high-fructose corn syrup.

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Photo Credit: Karina Munguia

A father and daughter enjoy a variety of frozen bananas at Bananarchy. The food truck offers numerous ways to enjoy the frozen, healthy treat.

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Patrons share a hookah at Arab Cowboy Café & Hookah Lounge in West Campus.

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Mozart's takes pride in their coffee drinks by offering an abundance of different flavors and blends.

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 Zachary Maurais, found of Favor, posing with developer Caleb Fulgham outside the company's headquarters on South Lamar Boulevard.

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Kome is open seven days a week for lunch and dinner and is located at 4917 Airport Blvd. 

Photo Credit: Hannah Vickers