Student Life

Single-family homes inhabited by a large number of students often irritate neighbors, who complain of increased traffic, elevated noise levels, excessive use of parking and increased presence of trash in the area.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth de Regt
Photo Credit: Karina Munguia

Texas Outdoorsmen facilitate local outdoor activities for group members at locations such as Zilker Park, Barton Creek, the Greenbelt and Hamilton Pool.

Photo Credit: Jenna VonHofe
Photo Credit: Karina Munguia

Ki-Young Yoon, an international student from Korea studying chemistry, had trouble communicating with leasing agents in the U.S. before moving to Texas to attend UT.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth de Regt

Juniors Abby Miller, Grace Newman and Emily Sales spend time together in one of the living areas at the Pi Phi house.

Photo Credit: Darice Chavira

Brian Hellemn is an economics sophomore at UT, and a real estate agent at Longhorn Leasing. 

Photo Credit: Silvana Di Ravenna

Some students have creative ways of marking their food, like using colored stickers. Other students section off the fridge and have their own shelf.

Photo Credit: Lauren Lowe

Brin Kieffer is the co-director of Texas StandOut, a queer political activist group that advocates for LGBTQ individuals and provides a safe environment for them to voice their concerns.

Photo Credit: Elizabeth de Regt