It’s nice to be able to wind down and enjoy a cup of coffee, but with so many shops around Austin to choose from, it’s hard to find one that provides both good coffee and a unique experience.

With people looking to experiment with their food and their willingness to try out new places, food delivery services make dining quick, convenient and hassle-free. 

Kome’s lunch and dinner menus are non-traditional Japanese that follow personal family recipes while also incorporating elements from the chef’s background —Austin and New Orleans.

What's a hungry student to do? This is one of the defining questions of the collegiate experience, but for those who make their home West Campus, the answer may be as simple as taking a walk around the corner to the nearest bakery.

Austin is full of great music venues and bars, but food sets some of these places apart from the rest. Here are some venues in Austin with good beats and good eats.


Don’t fret over high dollar restaurants, get creative and dine in for your next special occasion.

Wooing your sweetheart (or your sweet tooth) can be difficult sometimes, but usually chocolate is a fail-proof fallback. It is tasty indeed, but there is much more to this treat than meets the… mouth. Here are a few things to take note of before splurging on that heart-shaped box of decadence.

With Valentine's Day approaching and love having firmly established itself in the air, one of the biggest questions facing many young couples will be how they should go about celebrating the day. 

We share some of our favorite hot-drink spots for studying, socializing and the like.

Forget everything you know about fruitcake — it doesn't have to be the most dreaded Christmas present.

This year, Fun Fun Fun Fest plans to bring back its popular Taco Cannon and feed munchies to the masses.

A program that teaches you how to train and cook, such as CrossFit, can help enhance your performance and health.

Cordero’s recipes are creative and innovative; she uses unconventional ingredients to avoid the monotony of typical healthy meals.

These three UT inspired recipes, two you can make in the comfort of your home, will help to get you in the school spirit.

There are people working behind the scenes arranging the food and adjusting the lighting to make the food look as mouthwatering as physically possible.

Saving money is a journey, not a destination.

The long-awaited chunk of time when margaritas flow like waterfalls for just a few bucks.

Food trucks keep the authenticity of their roots while showing Austin the different flavors outside of Texas barbeque and deep fried donuts. 

In a dimly lit lounge, you listen to verses spoken in Middle English while nibbling away at your scrumptious bread pudding. 

Whisler’s drinks are delicious. They’ll make anyone feel fancy and casual, a hard combo for most bars to claim. 

The goal of many UT students is to experience Austin’s expansive food scene without breaking the bank. 


This summer, students had to do without their beloved beacon of breakfast taco goodness: Torchy’s Tacos.

This morning staple has become one of Austin’s biggest claims to fame in the United States.

Putting the extra effort into dressing up your plate can really accentuate your final product.