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Professor Darling shares his advice for students wanting to sudy abroad and gives reasons why to take advantage of the opportunity. 

Student entrepreneurers join the Longhorn Entrepreneurship Agency's Freshman Founder Launchpad program. 

Holding true to the University mantra, the members of Texas Tower Public Relations have already begun to change the world. Texas Tower, the only student-run public relations firm on campus, aims to serve the non-profit community of Austin by meeting their public relations needs.

Longhorn Life spoke with three professors about their experiences studying and teaching abroad.

Paddleboarding — one of the more popular hobbies in Austin for residents looking for some relaxing recreation and a great nearby option for students and staff alike.

With more than 50,000 people on campus, at least one person is bound to be sick — good thing UT has University Health Services to keep our campus healthy.

Your UT tuition pays for a multitude of perks exclusive to students at Gregory Gym through the Division of Recreational Sports, ranging from massages and personal training to trips and athletic classes, all at discounted rates.

Longhorn Life sat down with psychology Professor David Gilden to pick his brain about the relationship between music, the body and exercise.

We asked three professors about their favorite spots on campus.

We asked Art History professor Dr. Jeffrey Smith about his experience living on his own during college.

As students’ housing plans for next year solidify, many may look dauntingly at their expected costs to come. 

Longhorn Life spoke to Matt Munoz, the booking agent at the Cactus, about the Cactus’ significance to the local music scene and the plans that are in store for its 35th anniversary. 

Longhorn Life sat down with Edward Fair, a practicing music and entertainment attorney in Austin, who is also an adjunct professor in the Butler School of Music and the School of Law at UT to talk about the evolving music business in the age of new media, challenges being faced by the music industry and music copyright issues.

Located directly inside the Butler School Of Music is a recording studio that allows some of that talent to shine.  

Cupid pays us a visit next week on Valentine’s Day, and with young love in the air, Longhorn Life decided to quiz UT professors on what they have to say about love.

Longhorn Life asked Meston to share her expertise with us, hoping she could help separate the fact from the fiction of typical dating advice.

Psychology Professors Michael Domjan and Juan Salinas share five things they've learned during their time at UT.

Longhorn Life sat down with Professor Abzug to discuss the holidays and their religious influences.

We sat down with Professor Richter to discuss his musical inspiration, his favorite memories with Longhorn Band and his thoughts on the current state of the music industry.

Electrical and Computer Engineering Professor Dr. Jonathan Volvano and Chemistry Professor Dr. John Colapret share five things they've learned during their time at UT.

Longhorn Life sat down with Michael Cramer, the director of the Texas Sports and Media Program at UT, to talk about the media’s coverage of alternative sports.

Fresh, organic produce is grown and enjoyed by staff, faculty, students and throughout our community. 

Geology professor Jay Banner shares five things that he's learned in his 23 years at UT.

Astrology professor Don Winget shares five things that he's learned in his 32 years at UT.