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Everyone agrees that healthy food is fresh food, but for many college students, fresh veggies and herbs just don’t mesh with the dining hall diet.

Austin City Council’s vote to reduce occupancy levels in ‘stealth dorms’ further increases the difficulty students face when it comes to housing. The vote in February that approved the new limits constitutes one of three votes that will be held on the issue. 

Students can expect see a few more shiny, bald heads in their classes after this year’s Brave the Shave.

This year, the streets of West Campus will contain some new landmarks. Side-by-side with the bright lights, wooden letters and neon T-shirts will be bright blue recycling bins among the rows of fraternity and sorority houses. 

If you came to The University of Texas with a goal to have as many adventures as humanly possible (and study… sometimes), Texas Outdoorsmen can make that goal a reality.

Stimulating student entrepreneurship has become an increasingly relevant concern for students, faculty and administration at UT.

Each fall, hordes of international students from distant countries such as India, China, Korea and other nations begin their undergraduate and graduate studies in universities across the U.S. International students go through a long process of applying to various universities, selecting a university, obtaining the necessary U.S. visa and securing the right housing.

For the people that live there, these West Campus mansions are simply the place they call home. With 25 to 60 people living under the same roof, it’s definitely a unique college living experience.

When students need a little extra help finding a place to call home, they have the option of hiring a student real estate agent.

Living with other people can be difficult, whether you’re sharing space with a good friend or a stranger. Because it is such a new and strange experience for some, horror stories are common. 

Gender-inclusive housing has been a widely debated topic across campuses for a couple of years now. 

The UT-Austin Sublets/Roommate Finder page is out to your rescue. This Facebook page has been connecting students in search of potential roommates since 2012.

Rent continues to rise in popular areas such as West Campus and East Riverside, even with the addition of new apartments. Rising demand, the incoming medical school and larger class sizes are some of the possible explanations as to why rent has not decreased.

To combat rising energy demands during the winter season, Longhorn Life has put together some tips for keeping students’ utility costs low and more cash in the warmth of their pockets.

Editor's Note from the 2014 Housing Guide edition

Last semester, two UT students launched a new student organization that allows college students with a passion for music to share their knowledge with local elementary school children.

GRAMMY U, created by The Recording Academy, is a growing community of college students between the ages of 17 and 25 who are pursuing careers in the recording industry. 

UT students pride themselves on living in a city with such a thriving local music scene. What many students may not know is that the music they hear echoing out of restaurants, bars and venues around the city is often being made by their peers.

It’s clear that admission to a concert has become, in some cases, more expensive than rent. So what exactly is the deal with these prices, where does your money go and why do people keep buying?

From those crappy teen bands, to transcendent artists we prefer today, band merchandise has never left the scene. Why is that?

Editor-in-chief Ali Killian gives a preview of the Holiday Guide Edition.

Whether its music, books or technology you’re looking for, we’ve got the scoop on the next big gift that’s sure to please this year.

See what our top picks are for clothing, accessories, and homemade goodies are for the 2013 gifting season.

As students look forward to the winter break, a few took time to reflect on their favorite childhood holiday memories and traditions.