Fun Fun Fun Fest Artist Interview: Fat Tony

Photo courtesy of Fat Tony.

Fat Tony isn’t fat, but he sure was out of breath. When Longhorn Life spoke with him, he had just finished running back from a quick stop at an ATM after stepping out of the radio booth where he had been interviewed a couple of minutes earlier.

Life seems to be going at a fast pace for him nowadays. Fat Tony has been touring the U.S. for over a year promoting his new album, “Smart Ass Black Boy”, which you can expect to hear at Fun Fun Fun Fest.

Getting used to traveling from city to city is not an easy task, but he looks at it with nothing but positivity.

“I love it. I’ve been touring probably since like 2011 and I’d say it’s my real joy,” said Fat Tony, the Houston rapper. “I love being in the studio and making these songs, but there’s nothing more that I love than being out there and playing the shows, meeting the fans and being one-on-one with the people, because I think that’s the best experience.”

Fat Tony started rapping as early as the age of 13, and performed at his first Houston event at 17. He hasn’t stopped making music since.

“It’s always really been just about the music,” Tony said. “I had different interests; I always wanted to be a journalist, I started going to school for psychology and I wanted to be a therapist, but making music was always number one no matter what. All that other stuff I just thought of as like, cool hobbies and outside jobs,” he added.

Fat Tony’s unique songwriting style grabs attention; he doesn’t write lyrics down — he just creates his songs as they come to mind.

“I can’t go back to writing words down, it doesn’t feel right,” Tony said. “It feels like I’m trying to write an essay or do some homework or something. I feel like when I’m not writing it down and it’s just coming from my mind, it’s going to flow more naturally,” he added.

Fat Tony picked up this habit when his producer, Tom Cruz, encouraged him to try it out. He admits it was difficult at first, but through the years it became more natural.

“I think when you’re writing down the words you get caught up in how the words look, how many syllables it is — all the stuff that has nothing to do with what makes a good song,” he added.

Fat Tony is looking forward to treating his fans to a variety of his music, including songs that were left out from previous albums. Be sure to check him out on Nov. 8 at 11:45 p.m. as he performs at Holy Mountain, part of the FFF Nites performance series.