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You’ve got everything planned for your summer back home, a job, travel plans and a new place to live come the fall semester. But wait! What are you going to do with all the stuff you packed into your tiny dorm room while you’re gone?

That’s where OrangeBox Storage comes in to save you the hassle of figuring it out. OrangeBox Storage provides an inexpensive, convenient way for students to store belongings during the summer break so as to simplify the campus move-in, move-out process. The company, which started three years ago at a small Louisiana college, currently serves 48 schools across the Southeast.

How it works: OrangeBox Storage will deliver two giant custom boxes to your dorm or apartment. You fill them up with stuff you don’t want to take home. OrangeBox picks them up, stores them in its secure storage facility for the summer and delivers them back to you before the fall semester begins.

With this kind of convenient and cost-effective service, there should be no stress in figuring out how to pack, move and store before heading home this summer. OrangeBox is sure to have you covered.