Somethin’ ‘bout Kreay

Oakland native Kreyshawn is not your typical female, overly sexualized, label-obsessed rapper. She brings the heat lyrically and stylistically, two attributes she will likely convey during her Fun Fun Fun Fest set. But how did Natassia Zolot become Kreayshawn?

“I said that I would create something every day, so I would lock myself in my room for hours just creating,” Zolot said.

After years of independent work she was signed to Columbia Records where she released her debut album “Somethin’ ‘Bout Kreay” in September of this year. She inspires fellow members of the fairer sex to assert equality by being themselves.

“Put on whatever clothes, have fun, be creative and stay in school. Go be a dental assistant or something — just go hard,” Zolot said.

She prides herself on being an anti-stylist and wearing her own clothes in videos, performances and events. Now Kreayshawn is being noticed for her, and she doesn’t break the bank doing it.

“I really just put on whatever. I like shopping and finding weird stuff; whatever is cool. I love thrift shopping because it’s all I could afford,” Zolot said. “I go to the Goodwill on Fairfax and when I’m in random towns I Google Goodwill in whatever city I’m in. I like finding rare things there,” she added.

On “Somethin’ ‘Bout Kreay, “ Kreayshawn collaborates with hip-hop elites 2 Chainz and Kid Cudi. Not only is she a rapper on the rise with a sick fashion appeal, she also shoots videos on the side.

“I just started recording with a camera, started editing and adding music, and it turned into music videos,” she said.

Her hit single, “Gucci Gucci” disses women that base their style on designer labels and is also her grandpa’s favorite song on the album. “Gucci Gucci” was also sampled by Lil Wayne on his mix tape “Sorry 4 the Wait.”

“[That] was crazy! I forget it happened sometimes. On the radio, they’ll sometimes play both our verses, so it’s like we collaborated,” Zolot said.

This 23-year-old can compete with the best in the industry and do it in style. Check her out at her FFF Fest set and at ND Austin Saturday night.

“I love watching shows, and I’ve been to Austin before, so I’m just excited to go out there,” she said.