Five things I've learned

Photo Credit: Felimon Hernandez

Dr. LeeAnn Kahlor

public relations
at UT [8 years]

1. When you lecture to a large audience from a stage or raised area, you should wear decent shoes. This occurred to me when I started teaching large lectures and noted an increase in comments about my shoes that same semester. The fact that I own many Danskos in a variety of colors is notable, it seems.

2. When you get to class early, put on the wireless mic and then decide you have time to use the restroom, you should turn off the mic.

3. Texas students are really, really good at memorizing stuff. It must be something in the water, or maybe it's the standardized testing that begins in utero.

4. I just learned this semester that some students tweet about your lecture during lecture. Talk about pressure.

5. I think, under certain circumstances, I like beef more than pork ribs.

Dr. John A. Daly

communication studies
at UT [34 years]

1. UT’s an amazingly small place for its large size — you really aren’t a number unless you want to be.

2. Teaching at UT matters.

3. Traditions are fun, and they count.

4. Students and student life don’t change that much. People still party, they fall in love and break up — and they always have excuses for why papers are late.

5. UT is always building new buildings.

Dr. Betsy Berry

at UT [21 years]

1. Finding a place to park is the key to survival.

2. Students can learn to love to read — and do.

3. Cat students are more forgiving than dog students.

4. Facebook has its pleasures and perils.

5. I get to spend quality time with young people who have much to teach me in return.