Behind the scenes

at the Sanger Learning Center
Photo Credit: Monica Zhang

Up three flights of stairs in Jester West is the School of Undergraduate Studies’ newly remodeled Sanger Learning Center, one of the main resources for academic support. Though many students think of the center’s on-campus tutoring, it offers much more, including unique services for faculty members.

While the center’s services are geared toward helping students, not everyone is aware of what they have to offer. To help raise awareness they’ve designed a number of free classroom-based presentations for faculty members to utilize throughout the semester. Through supplemental instruction, the hope is that students will not only learn more about the Sanger Learning Center but also take away valuable lessons that will help them throughout their college careers.

Though these presentations are often requested for first-year and signature courses, the services are available to any faculty member looking to enhance his or her students’ learning. Instructional topics include time management and procrastination, effective and efficient study strategies and a general overview of the Sanger Learning Center’s services. Specific classes like Surviving Finals 101 are also offered throughout the semester.

In addition, the center also offers practical, research-based information for graduate teaching assistants wanting to learn how to better engage their students. From tips on how to develop better interpersonal skills and design course assignments to in-class observations, staff members provide best practice solutions to help improve the classroom experience for everyone.

For more information on the Sanger Learning Center or to request a presentation, please visit