5 Things I've Learned — Holiday Guide Edition

Psychology Professor Michael Domjan, who has been at the university for 40 years, believes that price you pay for an education at UT is a great value.

Photo Credit: Chelsea Jackson

Psychology Professor Michael Domjan
At UT for 40 years

1. One cannot buy a good used car for $10,000. Why would anyone think that one can get a good college education for that price?

2. “Got it off the internet” is not a proper attribution of credit, for either text or images.

3. When I ask students what they value in a professor, they never think about competence in the subject matter as a key factor.

4. We have a lot of empty (and ugly) wall space all over campus in classrooms and hallways, while lots of student and other art remains stacked in storage somewhere. It would be nice to "store" all of that art on the empty walls.

5. The drive to publish has generated some great works but has also created a lot of publication pollution, making it difficult for everyone to sort out the chaff from the wheat.

Psychology Professor Juan Salinas 

At UT for 15 years

1. How to say, "No," with a smile. Firmness and compassion are not mutually exclusive, but it's not an easy combination to master.

2. If you can learn to laugh at yourself, you'll still have plenty of room to stretch out, even on a crowded bus.

3. Those that most need help are often the most hesitant to ask for it.

4. Really good liars fake sincerity beautifully. That's why they're good liars. Focus on people's actions and outcomes instead of their words.

5. Be as kind as possible to others every single day, but especially to those you care for. It is impossible to predict when someone