Behind the Scenes at the Longhorn Music Label

Glenn Richter, the interim director of Butler School of Music, said the copyrights of "The Eyes of Texas" and "Texas Fight," which will be marketed by Longhorn Music, bring in revenue for UT.

Photo Credit: Kendall Ivie

The University of Texas holds within its prominent 40 Acres an abundance of elite faculty, students and staff. Located directly inside the Butler School Of Music is a recording studio that allows some of that talent to shine.

Attempting to feature some of the best performances through the Butler School of Music to be shared world wide, the Longhorn Music label was created. It is just as it seems — The University of Texas’ official record label.

“This is a very positive-addendum way of creating a library and a musical history of many of our ensembles and many of our faculty within the school of music,” said Robert Desimone, director of UT Opera Theatre and professor of music.

Desimone was involved in the early stages of the Longhorn Music label. The Butler School of Music is actively involved in all stages of producing records, from artist auditions, recordings and edits to the overseeing of brochure productions.

The label is represented through Naxos America, “probably the largest label of classically oriented music in the world today,” Desimone said.

The Longhorn Music label has been around for about six years and has released 12 records with two in the making, said Glenn Richter, Interim Director of Butler School of Music.

You might not catch Miley Cyrus roaming the university halls in the process of producing another record, but what you might find could be arguably better. UT graduate Icy Simpson-Monroe with the help of musical partner Artina McCain recorded her first record, I, Too through Longhorn Music. According to, Icy is now traveling and performing as a solo artist while also taking on the role as teacher by giving voice lessons. Simpson has accomplished what many music students dream of, and she will be in concert here in Austin on Feb. 2. Check out her website for more details.

The Longhorn Music label aims to encourage and promote excellent performances throughout all departments of the school. According to the Naxos Music Library website, “The catalogue includes recordings of the university’s Trombone Choir, Chamber Singers, the UT Faculty Jazz and a chamber opera The Scarecrow.”

Along with producing world-class music, the Longhorn Music label promotes higher education through hands on experience for music business students. This spring, Longhorn Music has three official music business interns. They will work with promotions and marketing for the label’s products and our very own “The Eyes of Texas” and “Texas Fight.”

The University of Texas was gifted rights to “The Eyes of Texas” and “Texas Fight” around 1983 from Arthur Gurwitz, Richter said. The copyrights of the two songs have acted as small revenue for the university.

Longhorn Music has produced commercial records that are distributed globally across mediums such as iTunes, Amazon and the Naxos Music Library, so don’t miss out on some of the best music that has graced the halls of our very own university. Check out the Longhorn Music records, sit back and let the sound of beautiful music fill your ears.