TX Tower PR powers Austin's non-profits

Photo Credit: TX Tower PR instagram

Holding true to the University mantra, the members of Texas Tower Public Relations have already begun to change the world. Texas Tower, the only student-run public relations firm on campus, aims to serve the non-profit community of Austin by meeting their public relations needs.

“At its core, public relations is storytelling. It's finding creative ways to articulate and position conversations in the public,” Firm Director Hugo Rojo said. “Whether you're working fashion, government, energy, nonprofit, education or any multitude of industries, PR makes business sense. You may have a great product or service, but how will people hear about it?”

Texas Tower works exclusively with six non-profit clients in Austin, providing them with essential services to build their images.

“Our clients are different and so are their needs. From traditional public relations like media relations and content development, we blanket our family of clients with social media strategies, blog development, editorial calendar maintenance, event planning, volunteer coordination, publicity and much more,” according to Texas Tower’s mission statement.

The clients range immensely in their goals and methods for improving the lives of Austinites. Teatro Vivo, the only bilingual theatre in Austin, aims to promote understanding of the Latino community, whereas another client, the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians, provides affordable healthcare to those who continue to make Austin the “Live Music Capital of the World.”

“Most of our clients are smaller non-profits who wouldn't be able to hire a person to work in house or firm to help them out, so that's where we come in,” Texas Tower Social Media Manager Sonia Woiton said. “Non-profits are a very important part of the community and our job is to help them reach out more and gain more support.”

In addition to the benefits available to each client served by the firm, the student members of Texas Tower gain a tremendous amount of experience.

“We aim to serve as the bridge between what students learn in the classroom and how it applies in the industry. In class, students are taught hard-skills like writing for different audiences. In Texas Tower PR, we add a layer of professional knowledge in how to work with clients and meet deadlines and expectations. Stuff you can't learn in a book,” Rojo said.

The recruitment process for members is quite competitive. Of the 80 online applications that were received this year, only 23 students were ultimately selected to become a part of the firm. While acceptance is highly selective, Texas Tower hired more associates at the close of this season’s application process than ever before.

“Texas Tower PR mirrors itself as a real-life agency. We have an online application process that requires members to answer critical thinking prompts and their resume. Then we filter candidates to an interview pool and ultimately decide on new hires,” Rojo said.

With such a valuable combination of experience, Texas Tower veterans and new members’ fresh perspectives, the firm promises to be one of creativity, professionalism and progress for all involved this semester.

The firm is poised to benefit creatively from all the new recruits and their fresh perspectives.

“After going through rebranding over the past few years, we are finally ready to expand our firm. After adding 23 new members and several executive members, we are excited to see where the year takes us!” Woiton said.