Five Things I Learned About Texas Winters


Professor Mary Bock, PhD,


1.  They are much colder than they have any right to be, considering how hot our summers are. 

2. Even if you read the forecast before leaving the house in the morning, no matter what, you will wear the wrong coat.  

3. A tiny bit of ice can snarl the whole city and get you a day off (and no, I do not want Austin to buy a stash of road salt to fix this; I like my days off).

4. They start immediately after summer ends; no need for the coddling of transitional seasons like fall and spring -- just toggle between boiling and freezing, that's the Texas way! 

5. Turns out there are other ways to stay in shape in the winter -- more fun ways, in fact -- than the aerobic exercise of the north known as shoveling snow. 

Professor Eli Cox,


1. Winter weather lasts about eight weeks.

2. You may be able to wear short sleeves on any winter day.

3. Once every 20 years you can ski in Austin.

4. No matter how cold it may be, it will be worse in the rest of the country.

5. No matter how cold it got, winter looks pretty good during the 16 weeks of summer.

Professor Gayle Acton, PhD,

Assistant Dean for Graduate Programs,

School of Nursing

1. Texas winters are really short.

2. Texas winters are really mild.

3. When it snows in central Texas, it is a day off for everyone!

4. Texas winters don’t really feel like winter.

5. I love Texas winters.

Professor Patricia Wilson, PhD

1.Cedar fever may hit you your first winter here (ever tried to kiss when you can't breathe?), but it may leave you by the fifth year (if you are still here!).

2.We have one of the longest winter breaks with the best weather in the country.  Why does everyone leave?

3.'Winter' is a relative term. Here in Austin it means 'you'd better take a jacket just in case.'

4.Barton Springs Pool feels warm when the air feels cold.  Try it!

5.To get high during the holidays, go twirl under the Zilker Park Christmas tree.