5 Things I Learned About Living on Campus

Kinsolving, located on the corner of Dean Keeton and Whitis is one of many dormitories available for on-campus living. 

Photo Credit: Savannah Williams


Jester, San Jacinto, Roberts – all of these names can evoke a sense of camaraderie, or maybe they make you cringe. Either way living on campus can be an essential part of a student’s life.

We have compiled a list of what students have learned about living on the 40 Acres.

Ashley Ephraim, Roberts Hall

1.     They aren’t completely honest with dorm descriptions.

2.     Asking loud neighbors to be quiet doesn’t work.

3.     Keeping up with laundry is hard.

4.     Trying to study while lying down will get nothing done.

5.     Being a hermit in your room for a whole semester will not make you friends.

Devi Jadeja, Jester West

1.     How to live with someone in a small space.

2.     How to be very organized.

3.     What time JCL opens/closes the hard way.

4.     How long it takes to walk to places on campus.

5.     The best places to study outside when it is nice.

Emma Mosser, San Jacinto

1. The buses are life-savers for going from one end to campus to the other.

2. It's not about what dorm you live in; it's about your roommate.

3. Don't eat the meat in the dining hall.

4. The Texas Exes shortcut is wonderful.

5. The cats that live on campus are very cute.

Lauryn Canella, Jester West

1. Good walking shoes and finding shortcuts are a must.

2. Wendy's in Jester, the SAC and Union only take Bevo bucks, so you need to be conscientious about not spending them all.

3. Everyone does laundry on Sundays so do it some other time.

4. Cleaning is not an option.

5. It is imperative to have a good mattress pad so you aren't sleeping on stone.

Amanda Booth, Whitis Court

1.     Living close to 8 a.m. classes makes them a lot more bearable.

2.     Home-cooked meals are not to be taken for granted.

3.     Stay on your roommate's good side.

4.     Make friends with people who live in your hall.

5.     Living on campus makes naps between classes much more do-able.

Peter McCain, Jester West

1.     No one else will clean the bathroom.

2.     XL Twin sheets don't fit an XL Twin bed.

3.     Sometimes the JCL employees make my morning.

4.     The stir-fry line at J2 is too long!

5.     I never would've met many of the people I know if I'd lived off campus.

Gaby Hernandez, Kinsolving

1.Anything that is not fast food is a blessing.

2.Living with someone can be harder than anticipated, however it can also be fun.

3.Always set alarms; it is easy to loose track of time then realize you have to run across campus in five minutes.

4.Taking the bus isn't as bad as expected.

5. I guess just taking advantage of the opportunities on campus, whether they are organizations, events, etc. Anything free is good.