Seven on-campus services you don't know about, but should


Find out about the latest news on campus by visiting designated flyer-sections promoting exclusive events. 

Photo Credit: Jasmine Barnes

Do you feel like you’re always out of the loop? Is there something you feel is missing from campus? Here are some hidden gems UT Austin offers that will radically improve your college experience.

1. Eco-to-Go
Ever notice people carrying around green, plastic boxes and wondered what they were for? Eco-to-Go is a relatively new feature at Jester City Limits, Cypress Bend and Littlefield Patio Café. To get one of those nice carryout boxes, you have to first purchase an Eco coin. You then show these coins to the person serving food and he or she will put your meal in one of the green to-go boxes. When you check out, hand the eco coin to the cashier and they’ll give you a discount on your meal. After you’ve finished eating, go to any of the three previously mentioned cafeterias to return your box in exchange for your coin. 

This system gives you the luxury to eat where you want, reduce the use of paper plates and get a discountd meal. Even people who don’t have a meal plan can purchase an Eco coin and get all of these benefits. Eco-to-Go may be one of the best investments you make at UT Austin (not including the investment in your education, of course). 

2. Multi-Cultural Engagement Center
The MEC is located in the Student Activity Center and provides a space for minority students to socialize and hold meetings for culture-specific events. Whether you’re Hispanic, Asian or African-American, the MEC is an essential place where you can feel at home. 

3. Blanton Museum of Art
 You can no longer say that you’re bored on a Saturday. The Blanton Museum is full of gorgeous photography, paintings and sculptures and open to students for free with your student ID. It’s located right next to the Brazos parking garage and is open everyday except Monday. Check the museum’s website, to find out more information about interesting events and speakers. Instead of watching Netflix all day, go feed your spirit and mind with beautiful art. 

4. Gender and Sexuality Center
Also located in the Student Activity Center on the second floor, the GSC is a small community that works to include people of different genders and sexualities. Whether you attend Feminist Fridays, where members of the Austin community gather to discuss issues of gender, or show up for an ABC (Awesome Bisexual Club) meeting, you’re bound to feel welcome and enlightened. 

5. Student Services Building
It’s impossible not to hear about Student Services during your time at UT Austin, but so few people actually take advantage of the many services the SSB provides. Perhaps the building’s location on Dean Keeton deters people from stopping by. SSB was created specifically to meet your needs, whether that be attaining medical assistance for an ear infection or helping with a problem in your housing contract.   

6. Littlefield Patio Café
 This is the most underrated on-campus cafeteria, hands down. Littlefield Café is located pretty far from the center of campus, but it has some of the best food on the 40 Acres. The café is open everyday except Saturdays and they take Dine-In Dollars after 2 p.m. While this may seem like a lot to consider before buying a meal, it’s also important to mention that their pizza is to-die-for. It will literally change your life. 

7. Harry Ransom Center
Take a group of friends and go explore the exciting exhibits and events happening at the Harry Ransom Center. This month the Alice in Wonderland Exhibit is opening. There’s so much to see, including the world’s first photograph. To learn more go to

You are officially in the know. Now go make your UT Austin experience even better!