Take Service by the Horns

The Tradition of Volunteering


UT students celebrate America Recycles Day by building the world’s largest recyclable boxes castle in 2013, hosted by the Campus Environemntal Center.


UT is a school known for dedication to service, and provides many opportunities for practical application of student skills for the greater good. From spirit groups and sororities to service-specific organizations, there is a diverse assortment of ways to serve the community at UT. Some clubs and institutions that represent the UT tradition of service are:
Acts of Kindness Club
The mission of Acts of Kindness is to provide its members with opportunities to make a difference in the collegiate and greater communities through service and acts of kindness while upholding the ideal of selflessness. Through honest and genuine service, they hope to build character and leadership in members so that they shall become passionate and empathetic members of their communities, where they will inspire others to do the same.
Longhorn Center for Civic Engagement
The Longhorn Center for Community Engagement serves as The University of Texas at Austin’s central resource for those interested in volunteerism and service throughout the UT and Austin communities. They provide resources for anybody interested in involvement within the community, and promote a quality community-based experience for volunteers and community agencies alike.
UT Habitat for Humanity
The Habitat for Humanity team at the University of Texas at Austin hopes to raise awareness about the need for affordable housing. The officers serve as a highly effective unit, organizing several fundraising events and managing the operations of a prestigious organization. The group contains a vast set of skills, with officers majoring in concentrations ranging from Psychology to Supply Chain Management.
Campus Environmental Center
The Campus Environmental Center is the largest and oldest organization on campus for UT students interested in the environment. They are a sponsored student organization under Utilities, Energy and Facilities Management. The mission of the CEC is to empower the UT community to reduce its negative environmental impact and to foster a genuine culture of sustainability on campus through collaborative and constructive means.
UT Service Scholars
The University of Texas Service Scholars program (UTSS) is a collaboration between the Longhorn Center for Community Engagement and the LBJ School of Public Affairs. Service Scholars provides students with the opportunity to develop and use their leadership skills to serve the community. Scholars complete community service hours each semester while engaging in service-learning.