Rainstorms in Austin, tornadoes in Dallas… spring is in the air! If you’re anything like I am, this transition into a new season has you antsy for an update to your look.

 Although the idea of camping out over night to be one of the first to get your hands on a hot new gadget may seem exhilarating, waiting a few months could save you some serious cash. Practically every piece of technology goes on sale eventually, especially when companies are constantly releasing new-fangled models of their merchandise. We’ve compiled a list of a few items that have been significantly lowered in price, making those once out of reach essentials a lot closer than you think.

 The Grammys, The Oscars, The Espys. You’ve seen all of the award shows honoring celebrities and their work. It’s always a big to-do with lots of over-the-top clothing and flashy song-and-dance routines. Wouldn’t you prefer to see people you actually know win awards? Don’t you think your friends deserve awards just for being their wonderful selves?

With the heightened stress during midterms, University of Texas students need to take a deep breath, relax and smell the roses.  The Austin Area Garden Center presents the perfect solution—the 55th annual Zilker Garden Festival.

Staff writer Mira Milla got an up close and personal look at the SXSW music scene when she hosted Joshua James and his band in her apartment.

Staff writer Alex Vickery traded her time for a free SXSW music badge and some unforgettable experiences.

Spring break is a perfect time to enjoy all of the activities that Austin has to offer. For those students staying in Austin over the break, there are many different activities that you can partake in without having to worry about the SXSW crowds. So take the time to check out these fun, exciting and inexpensive activities that are sure to bring a smile to your face.

 Can’t afford to pay $750 for a SXSW badge? No worries, we’ve got you covered. We’ll show you how to have a rockin’ time without spending a dime. Plus, badges are overrated anyways. Here’s how to do to SXSW on the cheap.

Just because you’re a college student doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy an awesome spring break next week. By budgeting and taking advantage of online deal sites, your dream vacation can be yours.

Award season is coming to an end as the Oscars close in on the best films of 2011. However, by this time, if you have kept up with any of the previous award shows, the top contenders are obvious.  While there may be a toss up here and there, there is a clear trend as to which way several of the Oscars will go.

In the transition from dorm to apartment, one of the biggest changes you’ll notice is your newfound access to a full kitchen. Check out this cute kitchenware to make cultivating your culinary talents a bit more fun.

 After searching for the perfect off-campus destination to call home and signing away your paycheck for the next nine months to a year, the next logical step to take in your grown-up life is to throw a housewarming party. Wow your guests with your hidden interior decorating skills and let them bask in the details of your lovely abode. Paying your own bills and finally having a place where you make the rules is a milestone worth a massive celebration. Bless your home with this housewarming party and look forward to the happy memories yet to be made. Here’s what you’ll need.

For those curious minds...

If you’re looking for a romantic dinner experience this Valentine’s Day but need ideas for a specific spending range, look no further.

Every year, the world sets aside one day out of the year to expose how truly single you are while couples are on cloud nine with each other exchanging Russell Stover chocolate and six-foot-tall stuffed polar bears. Don’t spend Feb. 14 moping around; instead, toast to a future without your ex and host a singles mixer.

Winner predictions have been roaming around online blogs, music sites and have been talked about from the nominated artists themselves to music industry experts. Longhorn Life has compiled a list of predictions in some of the major categories.

 Student writer, Brittany Lamas, shares her predictions for Sunday's Super Bowl game.

In Indiana on Feb. 5 the grudge rematch between the Giants and the Patriots will occur as the most-watched game of the year: the Super Bowl. Aside from the commercials, we asked the Director of the Texas Program in Sports and Media Michael Cramer why we should keep our eyes peeled during the game.

 Austin is always buzzing with exciting, new events—this weekend is no different.

Mark your calendars for these movie showings at the Student Activity Center.

Students tell us what tunes keeps them cramming for finals

The key to a successful all-nighter (and—let’s hope—an A): a study-friendly music playlist. Check out our suggestions for tunes to take the pressure off and help you get through the rest of your cramming—I mean, studying.

Imagine you’re walking through campus, trying to get to your 2 p.m. literature class. You hear the faint sounds of LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem” starting to fill the air, and, before you know it, the person in front of you drops their backpack and starts grooving to the music.

Student chatter around the 40 Acres