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For those of you that will stay here over the summer, while it is probably a good idea to spend most of your time indoors for health reasons, you may find pleasure in exploring some cooler locales in the area.

Associate Editor Andrew Huygen bids farewell to Longhorn Life, and offers a preview to the Summer Preview edition.

Between sweat, humidity and swimming, it’s nearly impossible to keep a full face of makeup from melting off during the summer.

Camp Kesem is a five-day camp for kids whose families have been affected by cancer and a national non-profit organization with 59 chapters in universities all across the nation.

As appealing as sitting around and watching Netflix all summer long may sound, you could have a more memorable one if you stay productive.

An official part of Texas' state park system, Enchanted Rock State Natural Area offers a variety of options to interested visitors including hiking, rock climbing, bird-watching and camping.

Technology can actually help; several smartphone apps are now targeted towards helping people stay healthy.

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There is no one way to sleep correctly, as long as one gets a minimum of six hours of sleep during any 24-hour period of time, according to Patricia Carter, an associate professor in UT’s School of Nursing.

Students that participate in RuffTail Runners check out a friendly canine from the shelter and run with them around Town Lake before bringing their new friend back to the shelter where they wait to be adopted into a forever home.