As college students, money, food and a job top our Christmas lists. While all those are great—even though they make us sound a bit homeless—why don’t we take a cue from our inner children and dream a bit bigger this year?

Yes, it’s about that time again. You’re getting excited for a month of holiday festivities, quality time, and—last but not least—no homework, but your wallet may be hiding in fear of the spending to come. Don’t fret; Longhorn Life has hand-picked the best store for each person on your list.

Friends. Club members. Co-workers. There are so many people to think of during the holidays; how do we even begin to deal with getting everyone a gift? The age-old solution: gift-giving games.

Affording expensive holiday gifts for every person in our lives isn’t possible—especially on a college student’s budget. Go easy on yourself by trying these cheap alternatives, all $10 and under, that are great for giving to a big group of friends or for playing games like White Elephant and Secret Santa.

Having a holiday party is easy, but having an awesome holiday party takes work – and a little help from the experts. Even if you’ve never hosted a party before, you can throw the soiree of the semester if you follow a few of these tips.

October was Breast Cancer Awareness Month and although the month is over, there is still time to help support the cause. The annual Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure in Austin will take place Sunday, Nov. 13.

As I am sure you are all aware, Halloween is T-minus four days away. (Insert crazed costume shopping and pumpkin carving here).  While my sentiments seem to lie with the Halloween boycotter on page 5, the Longhorn Life staff was more than happy to give you what you Longhorns wanted: Halloween hoopla.

Being the wimp that I am, I was nervous about reviewing The House of Torment. However, I knew that attending one of the top five haunted houses in America would be a great start to conquering my fears.

We asked our funny friends over at the Texas Travesty to give us their top choices for a college-aged trick-or-treat wish list.


Not really feeling the black cat or witch costume this year? Try one of these up-to-date costume ideas ripped straight from the headlines or raid your closet for some free, quirky alternatives.

Get ready for the Halloween holiday with this easy recipe, fit for any dorm or apartment party!

Horror flicks, cheesy festivals, girls in racy costumes — ugh. It’s that time of year again.

As the Austin City Limits Music Festival celebrates its 10th anniversary this weekend in Zilker Park, concertgoers of all ages are beyond excited for the three-day music overload. With more than 130 bands performing at the festival, there seems to be little time for anything other than dancing along to the music.  However, even the most dedicated crowd-hoppers need to recharge every once in a while.

This year’s Austin City Limits Music Festival would not be complete without a little swag. Throughout the weekend, ACL-goers can check out the multitude of vendors who will also be in attendance.

While some of you with three-day passes to Austin City Limits Music Festival this weekend will take the time to rest up and refuel after dark, many attendees don’t want the party to end after the last act. Either way, fear not: fortunately, Austin has an array of activities to check out on a daily basis.

After talking to others about this year’s ACL, I was surprised to learn that few know that you can volunteer at the festival. It certainly has its perks, providing volunteers full access to the festival for free, in addition to the ACL volunteer T-shirt we all get.

It’s that time of year again ­— the Forty Acres is now bustling like the streets of New York, the boys are back on the football field and you, unfortunately, are back in the classroom. Luckily (and weather-wise, unluckily), you didn’t have to wait long for one of the largest events of the year: ACL.

For those of you who live under a rock or are new to Austin, it’s the Austin City Limits Music Festival: an epic weekend of food, music and art. Sadly, if you’re just now finding out about this event, it’s a little too late to buy any good tickets. Currently all that’s available are single tickets for Sunday, Sept. 18. For those of you lucky Austinites who are attending ACL this year, I’ve gathered up a list of ‘Must-Haves,’ ‘Sneak-Ins’ and ‘Don’t Even Think About Its’ for you to take with you this weekend.

Take a look at the different student organizations that help address Greek life issues on campus.

Order of Omega is a national Greek leadership honor society that annually recognizes juniors and seniors for outstanding scholarship, leadership and involvement in the campus community.


Three student leader remember how their sororities gave them a leg up at the University of Texas

It’s summertime again. Three months of either pain or pleasure depending on how much money you have in your bank account. Believe it or not, there are plenty of ways to make money without doing much of anything.


Which is better: studying alone or studying with a group?  Longhorn Life decided to try and answer this age-old question.

Many believe that the recipe for college and career success is a list of internships and a degree on your resume — just as the high school formula of extracurricular activities plus grades and high SAT scores equaled getting into a good college. But contrary to popular opinion, internships aren’t the only way to make a resume stand out from the stack.