What began as a small toy drive more than a decade ago has grown into a campus-wide event that will help over 300 families this year.

Fun Fun Fun Fest officials have created a scavenger hunt that occurs in cities throughout Texas, allowing the winners to receive Ultimate Smooth Passes for first place, three-day passes for second place, one-day passes for third place and Mohawk concert tickets for fourth. Here's what happened.

They can be taken to and from the festival, or simply to a bus stop or parking garage.

Few students recognize the niche of athletes on our campus that participate in one of the most awe-inspiring, leg thrashing, feet blistering, lung torturing sports known to man-kind: the ultramarathon.

You don’t have to plan a trip to a tropical rainforest in South America to have your first zip-lining experience.

The ideology behind Aikido is unlike any other martial art.

While some students in the advanced class certainly can toss each other around to get out of messy situations, they also learn the basics of staying both physically and mentally safe and how to embody this philosophy — one that fosters “a sense of loving protection for all living things,” as James Goeman, a local Aikido instructor, described.

Whether you head to a local studio or practice with UT Aikido Club, you will learn valuable tactics that extend further than mere physical strength.

While sneakers may seem like a commonsensical component of our everyday wardrobes, surprisingly they have only been in our closets for less than two centuries.

A program that teaches you how to train and cook, such as CrossFit, can help enhance your performance and health.

It’s more than just recreation — longboarding has become one of the preferred modes of transportation among UT students.

When the only workout price you pay is sweat, reaching your fitness goals will be that much more satisfying. 

You won’t want to miss Austin being partially stormed with neon skate logos and unparalleled tricks — did South By and Nickelodeon’s Rocket Power have a baby?!

For almost 100 years, the Drag has maintained a constant presence in student life.

These three UT inspired recipes, two you can make in the comfort of your home, will help to get you in the school spirit.

If there’s anything that gets Longhorn fans as fired up as Texas football, it’s Texas-sized tailgating.

Thousands flock to campus in burnt orange, with chants of “Texas Fight” and the smell of barbecue permeating the air.

There are people working behind the scenes arranging the food and adjusting the lighting to make the food look as mouthwatering as physically possible.

Saving money is a journey, not a destination.

Here’s what you need to know for what to wear, where.


This summer, students had to do without their beloved beacon of breakfast taco goodness: Torchy’s Tacos.

This morning staple has become one of Austin’s biggest claims to fame in the United States.

When searching for a hobby, some turn to homebrewing for its challenges and delicious rewards.

A close proximity to campus and the lively student life attract many students who wish to live off-campus.

The Texas Exes Student Leadership Committee seeks to increase interaction between current students and graduates.

The Texas Travesty sits down with Bevo in his comfortable barn loft.